Bang! Bang!

Recreational Shooting

Sure is a beauty. That rifle ain't bad neither!
Good times in
downtown Youston,
Summer, 1984
Luke Skybutter & Obiwan Kaboodle
Hunting for Barbies,
with Eli in Crosby,
6 October 1996
Great white hunter. Cherokee wampum.
Cherokee toy arrows
in the Smokies
15 August 1997
Go 'head. Take a gun to school.
Taylor & rifle,
in a school play
6 June 2006
Taylor on the left, Eli on the right
Taylor & Eli,
Paintball at Blair,
4 November 2006

Cell phone image
Eli in class,
Cheyenne Rifle Club
19 November 2008
Cell phone image, through bullet-proof glass!!
Taylor takes aim,
Cheyenne Rifle Club
19 November 2008
What hath God wrought?
Kara & Heavy Herman,
near Rawlins, Wyoming
17 October 2009
I was slow on the draw...
Out of ammo:
Taylor & the SKS
20 March 2010

This is Squeak's SKS
Eli & the SKS,
wintry Vedauwoo
20 March 2010
Proper posture is essential
Simonov SKS
packs a kick
20 March 2010
Assorted firearms practice
Taylor, Eli & Greg
sight at Vedauwoo
20 March 2010
Plink. Plink, plink. Semi-auto...
Eli firing his
.22 at Vedauwoo
20 March 2010
She likes what the boys like...
Kara sighting in
an AR-15 at PNG
25 May 2010

Sighting it in...
Kara sighting the rifle.
Boise, Idaho
3 September 2012
Well. This is just plain fun.
Might be a Glock.
Boise, Idaho
3 September 2012


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