Deep Sea - Providenciales

Turks & Caicos Islands

Today was the big day: we were booked on a deep sea fishing boat.
Although we were all provided the opportunity, only Eli took up a reel.
He has always wanted to try this out, since he was a very small boy.

This s on the Millenium Highway...
Another resort just off
the Millenium Highway
5 April 2013
Fine buses they are!
Picking up fishermen
on Providenciales
5 April 2013
Bountiful and the Grumpy One
Next stop: the docks
at Turtle Cove marina
5 April 2013
Hello, Mum!
Seaside matron,
at Turtle Cove
5 April 2013
Capt. Arthur & Alissa
on Fair Play's bridge
5 April 2013

We doffed our footwear when we boarded the fishing yacht.
Alissa took a seat next to our skipper, the boys took up seats
in the cabin below. Four other fisherman seated themselves on
the stern deck, as the First Mate, Peter, busied himself setting
up the seven different lines we would be trolling from the boat.

Looking forward to the mighty Atlantic
She's pretty happy
whenever she's asea
5 April 2013
You're underemployed here without a watercraft!
Another small vessel
leaves Turtle Cove
5 April 2013
There's a reef beneath the waves.
Line of demarcation:
breakers of Grace Bay
5 April 2013
Highest point on Providenciales
The Blue Hill area
from Grace Bay
5 April 2013
We bid adieu to Grace Bay
Open water: The Atlantic
Ocean lies ahead
5 April 2013

I was a little worried about becoming seasick on this single-hull boat,
but I didn't want to take any dramamine. I figured if I just threw up, I'd
be better afterwards. In the end, I never did get seasick, amazingly.
We motored out of the protected waters of Turtle Cove into a serene
Grace Bay. Threading through a well-buoyed channel, Captain Arthur
piloted the Fair Play into the mighty North Atlantic ocean.

Daily scene in Grace Bay
Parasailing over
quiet Grace Bay
5 April 2013
The fishing starts now...
Blue Hill from
the open water
5 April 2013
Psst. It's for sale!
White Cloud, a luxury
yacht anchored offshore
5 April 2013
We trawled over half-a-dozen lines behind us
Unreeling the numerous
fishing lines at sea
5 April 2013
Watching from the upper deck
Alissa takes in the
upper deck's view
5 April 2013

Just beyond the breakwater of the reef, the ocean-going yacht White Cloud
was anchored. We didn't see anybody onboard. We assumed its occupants were ashore.
Later, I learned that it is up for sale... for about $16 million! As I gawked at this superyacht,
the first mate unreeled the numerous trolling lines that fan out from the boat frame.

This is the main client's pole
Providenciales fades
in the distance
5 April 2013
Born in Blue Hill township, educated in the U.S.
Cap'n Arthur says he
has a dually pickup!
5 April 2013
First Mate Peter, hard at work
Bait lure. Clip to line.
Cast reel. Repeat.
5 April 2013
She was our good luck charm
Alissa joins the guys
on the lower deck
5 April 2013
Where the action is
Eli & his mom
enjoy the moment
5 April 2013

I didn't get a chance to chat with Peter, but I talked with Captain Dean for a long while.
The Silver Deep company is his business, and he has a very interesting personal history as well.
Captain Arthur Dean told me he even has a dually pickup truck. Two wheels more than me!

Peter kept a close eye on this unit
The fighting pole, minutes
before the first strike
5 April 2013
Peter stands by help manage the fight!
Eli's turn in
the fighting chair
5 April 2013
He's also gauging the fighting strength
Peter demonstrates the
fighting technique
5 April 2013
This is the surprise part of the trip
And the fight is on!
Eli reels in... something
5 April 2013
Eli, fighting...
Peter strains to see
what's on the line
5 April 2013

This was a 3-hour tour... kind of like Gilligan's Island, in that respect.
Sometime in our second hour on board, many several miles offshore,
there was a mighty tug on one of the fishing poles. Peter gave a shout,
Arthur powered down, and Eli took up the fighting chair. Peter kept a
guide's hand on the fishing line as Eli rocked and reeled his catch in.

Thinks: This might be interesting...
Taylor emerges to
watch the fight
5 April 2013
We don't yet know what's on the line
Fighting the catch
in the fighting chair
5 April 2013
Peter keeps an eye on his client
Pulling up hard as
the line is minded
5 April 2013
Everyone on the boat was excited
Cheer-leading section:
Git it on, Eli!
5 April 2013
Reeling in the catch
Oooh. Barracuda!
Get back, everybody!
5 April 2013

I had seen a smaller barracuda before, on one of Alissa's & my previous
trips while we were snorkeling, but this was completely differrent for me.
Our grown first-born son was hauling in a writhing sea creature, easily
three-feet-long. Peter lifted the wildly-struggling from the stern and slammed
it into a long cooler filled with ice, flinging his own body atop the lid. This was
no time to extract the fish hook, obviously. We were pretty happy for Eli!

It's time to hang out with Brother.
Fresh from the fight.
Eli below deck.
5 April 2013
They were finished by the time I got into it.
Taylor & Eli having
a private conversation.
5 April 2013
It's the afternoon act-up
The seas began to
get a little heavy
5 April 2013
On the upper deck
We rode it out
up on the bridge
5 April 2013
That's MY foot...
Neptune's Sea
and Morton's Toe
5 April 2013

Eli retired to the lower cabin with his brother after his turn. The two brothers
closed themselves off from even me, just as they have always done. It's fun
to stand "outside" their conversations; I admire that they each have a brother.
I've always wondered what it's like to have a brother... a fellow prince...

After a time, they joined Alissa & I on the bridge, just as the seas came alive.
Meanwhile, one of our fellow fishermen hooked a mackerel... an actual meal!

The crew hoped Alissa would get us more line strikes
Peter seated Alissa
in the fighting chair
5 April 2013
Lost in thought... or maybe just lost!
Taylor staring into
the deep blue abyss
5 April 2013
You don't eat these unless you're super desperate!
Eli hoists his
sleek barracuda
5 April 2013
Hahaha! Made a funny!
This is what he's
here for... Eli, too!
5 April 2013
Hard to believe a 3-foot fish could be such a fighter!
The fierce countenance
of the ocean depths
5 April 2013

Alas, the cruise came to an end. We photographed Eli with his barracuda.
Not very tasty, we were assured. Peter fileted the mackerel for our fellow
fishermen, in less than a minute. We boarded the bus back to our Beaches
resort, where everyone parted ways. Alissa & I headed to the French Village.

Thank you Captain Arthur and First Mate Peter!
Alissa bids the crew
of Fair Play adieu
5 April 2013
One of the other fisherman reeled this tasty fish in
Peter deftly cleans
a shipmate's mackerel
5 April 2013
This part of the resort was more open, but also more breezy
Checking out the pool
at the French village
5 April 2013
I guess this is France. Sort of.
A large promenade,
and a spacious pool
5 April 2013
This pool was not as warm as the one in the Italian village
The bar was closing
for the muppet parade
5 April 2013

Compared to our intimate Italian Village, the French Village was wide open:
its buildings were short and quite far apart, which allowed the trade winds
to rake pool and sun worshipper alike. Other unsavory factors included a
rather snooty British lad who ridiculed some American girls simply for being
American, and the early closing of the pool bar. We exited the French quarter
and headed straight back to our home turf, the warm and sheltered Italian Village.

I'm cold here, the bar's closed, and there are rude children here!
We decided to go back
to our Italian village...
5 April 2013
Sometimes, you gotta live a little risky...
A couple of strong
snake bites from Jean
5 April 2013
She wasn't feeling too risky today!
Alissa's reaction to
Jean's libations...
5 April 2013
Whew! Cooling down with the special of the day!
The warmer water of
the Italian village
5 April 2013
Parked at an in-pool table
We played with the
GoPro in the pool
5 April 2013

After getting cleaned up a bit back in our room,
we went to beach to meet a photographer for sunset
portraits. We took many, of which one of the best
is posted here. Tonight was the barbecue on the beach.
It was like a fancy picnic under the light of tiki torches, and
a fire eater... (don't try this at home!)

It was a shame to disturb this pretty decoration!
The housekeepers looked
after us above & beyond...
5 April 2013
I love this stuff!
Bougainvillia was
all over the place
5 April 2013
Serene scrim of high clouds above...
Beaches' main dock
on Grace Bay
5 April 2013
A map of Providenciales
The divers' map at
the watersports shack
5 April 2013
Lookin' good!
Alissa awaits the
photographer lady
5 April 2013

'She'll be here in a few minutes...'
We were drinking in
the view & locale
5 April 2013
Buy a boat? And move here??
The face of
5 April 2013
A fellah could git a little row boat and...
Gomer on the beach!
Run away! Run away!
5 April 2013
Augh! Dad's embarrassing sometimes!!
Taylor attempts to
disassociate himself...
5 April 2013
It's a formal portrait!
Group hug! Sundown
at Grace Bay
5 April 2013

The fire eater at the barbecue
Kids! Have you ever
tasted lighter fluid??
5 April 2013
Man. That was HOT!
Fire in the hole!
Guess he's hungry...
5 April 2013
Try that with chain saws, man...
Caught it! The
spinning baton trick
5 April 2013
They told me I was too old...
It's a talent show
for all the kids
5 April 2013

This was our final night on Providenciales. After the barbecue,
the boys retired to the room while Alissa & I took a quiet little walk
on the beach. We finished with a nightcap at the Cricketers Pub...
(That's right, more karaoke).

Leaving the next day, I wasn't allowed to take any pictures
at the airport, for security reasons. We flew to Dallas, had an over-
night layover in a nice hotel, then flew back to the high plains the
next day. Impulsively, I snapped a few photos from the Texas skies...

Eww. Little kids...
Our boys are a bit
old for the games!
5 April 2013
Sand crabs really DO nibble at your toes here.
Alissa waiting for the
slowpoke on the beach
5 April 2013
We took off in heavy cloud from Dallas
Morning sun over
Northeast Texas, USA
7 April 2013
It was still only Spring when we returned home
Snow in creek beds,
Southeast Colorado
7 April 2013


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