All-day Fun in the Sun - Providenciales

Turks & Caicos Islands

Knowing our time here was coming to an end,
we spent this day entirely outside, on the beach
and beside the pool. Water, water everywhere!
We started the day looking for sand dollars in the
shallows, while the boys buried each other in the sand.

They were still punking passers-by...
Taylor gets a turn
buried under sand...
4 April 2013
The wind was good today!
Back on the Hobie
with a full crew, arr!
4 April 2013
Out into yon bay, my hearties!
A stiff Westerly
fills the sail
4 April 2013
More aport, lad!
Eli mans the rudders
as Blowhard bellows
4 April 2013
Don't you wonder what he's thinking?
As Eli pilots the boat,
Taylor's lost in thought
4 April 2013

We all went out on the Hobie together. Today, the wind was good.
Eli took over the rudder. I played with the sail. Alissa always likes to
drag her feet in the water over the side. We got lunch at the little snack
kiosk on the beach. More frisbee. Then Alissa and I walked West down
the shoreline to a small reef just offshore. We should have gone there before!

I'm just happy to be yarding on the sail...
Thinks: What's with that
super creeepy leer!?

4 April 2013
They're just taking pictures. Let's go eat.
Heading for the snack
shack on the beach
4 April 2013
Pretty girl in a bikini... I'm holdin' my breath!
Alissa swimming above
the beachside reef
4 April 2013
Thank you, GoPro... for softening the defining lines. Arr!
She floats along until
she sees something cool
4 April 2013
She did pretty well!
Diving for a closer
look at something
4 April 2013

She did great with snorkeling this day, despite her struggle with
pulmonary emboli over the last five months. She actually dove
deep to look at stuff several times. I don't think I could handle
the sensations she's had to deal with over this period of time!

Just kidding
Ohhh, look! She's
found some seawater!
4 April 2013
If you cross your eyes, it looks like a double reef.
Northeast terminus of
the shoreline reef
4 April 2013
The colors are nice, anyway.
Looking toward beach
from over the reef
4 April 2013
Contrasts to the aquamarine
Sunlight and swimmer
light up the waters
4 April 2013
Not finished yet!
Alissa takes another
lap around the reef
4 April 2013

We saw a lion fish on the reef. I took pictures of it with the GoPro,
but they weren't even as good as the ones you see here (which
are pretty bad!!!). When we exited the ocean, a passerby told her
that he had seen a shark on the reef. She commented on his bravery.
She mentioned to me that dogfish look alot like sharks. (Smile)

See alot of these on the reefs
Yellowtail snapper
cruising the reef
4 April 2013
See alot of her around here!
Peachtail shopper
cruising the reef
4 April 2013
She said we should have brought the boys down here for their first snorkel...
She's pretty happy,
and pretty. Happy, too!
4 April 2013
Did you see a shark? I didn't...
She can't stop talking
about the reef swim
4 April 2013
the drop of water is gratis!
Grace Bay and a
seaside cedar
4 April 2013

The next day would be our final full day on Providenciales.
We had an impressive agenda coming up, and unfortunately
would not be able to visit this convenient reef again this trip!


All images 2013 EBBoykin, Jr

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