Parasailing, Kimonos & Karaoke - Providenciales

Turks & Caicos Islands

On the 3rd of April, Alissa talked the boys
into trying parasailing. They'd tried paragliding
the previous Spring. This was different, they said.
In fact, they told us there is no comparison:
Parasailing is quite pedestrian compared the paragliding...

They were ready to go!
Eli & Taylor,
harnessed up
3 April 2013
More of the Walleye perspective...
Moments before liftoff.
Eli did the filming.
3 April 2013
Ah. Flight. Under a parachute.
And... Liftoff! We have
liftoff, from astern
3 April 2013
Good name for the boat!
Getting high over
the Gettin' High
3 April 2013
Eli's legs left, Taylor's legs right
The limpid blue waters
grow large higher up
3 April 2013

I believe they let out over a thousand feet of line
The boat zigzagged
slowly into the wind
3 April 2013
There were several parasailing outfits here this day.
Beautiful Grace Bay
from the parasail
3 April 2013
I don't see any, do you? Not yet...
Lookin' for sea monkeys
and mermaids...
3 April 2013
Everyone has moments
of idiot glee today!
3 April 2013
I washed for supper!
More idiot glee!
3 April 2013

Eli & Taylor were harnessed up and ready to go before we'd
picked up all of the other parasail customers. I rode along on
the boat. No way was I gonna go up in the air! Alissa was
lounging on the beach, watching from nearby a cabana...

Combined weight under the parasail was a feathery 250 pounds!
Traffic jam below!
Luckily, we have height.
3 April 2013
O so-o-ole Mio-o-o...
Taylor breaks into
a soaring aria...
3 April 2013
Hmm. Should we fling poo, or not? Hmmm.
Eli deep in thought
over Grace Bay
3 April 2013
Tolerance. It's essential here.
Back on board, with
a bevy of twitterbirds
3 April 2013
Eli left, Taylor right.
On the way to
supper at Kimonos
3 April 2013

When we returned from parasailing, we played on the beach for a while,
and also in the swimming pool. The big event of the day was our supper
reservation at Kimonos, the Beaches Resort's version of Benihana's.

They were naturally much quicker than we are
Handsome young men
waiting for the folks...
3 April 2013
Think of it as an appetizer.
But first, to shop
the jewelry store!!
3 April 2013
Gino mans the grill tonight!
Gino fries the rice
& clangs the knives
3 April 2013
Our table was comparatively tame tonight
Down goes the meat!
Applause please, people!
3 April 2013
It was an 'Oh Yeah' moment
Holy crap, Taylor says,
I coulda had a V-8!
3 April 2013

The family we shared the table with had young children, so we were quite
well-behaved. In fact, I felt sorry for our chef Gino: we were a boring table.
After supper, Alissa and I went to the Cricketer Pub for a night of karaoke! Uh. Huh.

Be sure you kids aren't out too late, Taylor advised us...
No thanks, you two
just go without us...
3 April 2013
Wipe your feet and keep it quiet. We'll be sleepin', y'know.
Eli instructs us on
adult model behavior
3 April 2013
I think it was an Elvis Costello song...
Hm. Bald. Neck is red.
Must be a redneck.
3 April 2013
First encounter... hints of talent!
Stevin brings me
a nice, cold ale
3 April 2013
2 at once... he's getting frisky...
Whoa! Bottoms up
on the dance floor!
3 April 2013

Thank you, thank you...
This how Stevin
gets his kicks!
3 April 2013
Go sing another one, honey!
Alissa shows signs
of being entertained
3 April 2013
You wonder... will it last?
The lovely and talented
Stevin puts on a show
3 April 2013
... And it lasts...
He just keeps
going... & going...
3 April 2013
... And he still has them balanced...
Oh. He needs to
rest his arms. Yep!
3 April 2013

... And he didn't drop a single one!
Stevin readies for
a masterful dismount
3 April 2013
Had to be a song by Elton John, maybe
Coupla old farts
sharing the song
3 April 2013
Singing a Bruce Springsteen song, naturally!
Hayseed in a sea
of Jersey Shore dudes
3 April 2013
These guys never sang by themselves...
The final song:
New Jersey crooners
3 April 2013


All images 2013 EBBoykin, Jr

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