Iguana Island Excursion - Providenciales

Turks & Caicos Islands

April 2nd was a rather fully-scheduled day.
Our excursion to Iguana Island included visiting
Little Pine Cay as well. Our catamaran was
named Ta Tanka, after... well, I don't know...

Talk about breakfast today?
Morning starts with a
passenger round-up...
2 April 2013
This skipper is also a historian!
Skipper gives us a
natural history lesson
2 April 2013
Ah. Comfort!
No shirt, no shoes...
Life is Good!
2 April 2013
Somewhere underwater is a conch farm...
North coast of
Providenciales island
2 April 2013
The conch farm is just South of here
Blue Haven Marina,
the last pick-up
2 April 2013

There are hundreds of cays such as this in the Turks & Caicos
Small boats at
a very small cay
2 April 2013
There were many of these small places everywhere
Another small port
in the Caicos
2 April 2013
Hey, honey: let's buy a boat, eh??
The Day Dreamer
is underway
2 April 2013
Ahoy, scow!
It's Marge the Barge,
moored off the spit
2 April 2013
On the way to Little Water Cay...
The light blue of
Little Water Cay
2 April 2013

Iguana Island, also known as Little Water Cay, is a national park
of the Turks & Caicos. Each lizard has a name and a post office box,
and receives a stipend from Parliament. I'm not kidding. But I am.

Eli & Taylor always have closed, private conversations. No admittance.
The boys are an
island unto themselves
2 April 2013
What do YOU want, he says...
Ike only wants out
of the island sun
2 April 2013
Looks like Alfred Hitchcock...
It's the dignified
lizard profile look
2 April 2013
Hm. Attitude...
"Buzz off, Jasper,"
the lizard growled.
2 April 2013
There goes a manta ray!
We watched this ray
slowly swim away
2 April 2013

The hike on the island was brief. We were well-informed on the
iguana by the time we re-embarked on the catamaran. Next we
were going for a little snorkeling on two of the numerous offshore reefs.

Liked it so much, I'm showing it twice...
It moved off like a
slow-motion bird
2 April 2013
Imagine having the beach to yourself...
Fellow travelers move
toward our tour boat
2 April 2013
Back on the boat, Y'all!
Loading up for the
next adventure...
2 April 2013
G'bye, Liz... Seeya, Ike...
Taylor turns for
one last look...
2 April 2013
Back on the boat, boy!
Eli on the ladder
of the Silver Deep
2 April 2013

We were trying out a new GoPro camera for underwater shots.
We were a bit disappointed that the snorkeling shots were low-quality!
Worked well out of the water. Alas. Between reef dives, the skipper
piloted the Silver Deep away from the continental shelf, to
the cold-water depths of the Abyss: 7000 feet deep. He allowed
any of the passengers to leap into the water. Eli couldn't resist...

It's a dark, fuzzy fish. Where are my glasses!?
Big fat blurry fish
of the Atlantic
2 April 2013
It's big, fuzzy sun light.
Filtered sunlight
touches the reef
2 April 2013
Over the 7,000-foot deep Abyss
Eli readies to plunge
into the cold Abyss.
2 April 2013
It's a fuzzy version of Eli...
Eli takes to water
like a fuzzy fish
2 April 2013
Can I have Social Security now?
Ben dives, thinks
Get Fuzzy...
2 April 2013

Scram! It's the Fuzz... sorry about that one...
Alissa's picture of
Old Man Fuzzbudget
2 April 2013
Time to get back to Walmart!
This horn doesn't
make any noise!
2 April 2013
Ah! Impressionism!
Monet-rendered image
of Eli submerged
2 April 2013
Okay, so it's Impressionism. Like misplacing your spectacles.
Gomer as portrayed
the famous Renoir
2 April 2013
Here she comes... Alissa a bit less blurry...
They said it couldn't
be done... BUT...
2 April 2013

I was on the bottom, about 20 feet down.
Alissa flying
fuzzily overhead...
2 April 2013
Some people need good editors for their webpages!!
The reef, as seen
with Myopia!
2 April 2013
We can leave him here, they told the skipper...
Taylor, Eli & Alissa
waving me aboard.
2 April 2013
Did you see that? See what??
One more look at
the fuzzy reef!
2 April 2013
Alright, hold your horses, I'm comin'!
Skipper, they said,
Just GO. Really...
2 April 2013

Next stop: Little Pine Cay. That meant tasty snacks! We disembarked
and explored the demure cliffs beside the white sand beach for a while.

Once again, we impose on the bocce ball crowd!
Caution! There's a
UFO on Little Pine!
2 April 2013
Nothing makes me happier on the beach than my flying disc!
Eli & Taylor,
hogging the beach
2 April 2013
Good catch...
If you don't like frisbee,
well, that's a beach.
2 April 2013
Bub wrangles a floater
These guys were actually
quite well-controlled
2 April 2013
Go ahead. Climb that!
Sandstone cliffs on
Little Pine Cay
2 April 2013

Bocce ball... Gad! Lovin' this!!
A lovely rum punch
and crystal-clear sea
2 April 2013
They look out for the innocents...
No one's around,
so throw it hard!
2 April 2013
You can't write a good scene like this...
Alissa, the sky,
the ocean, the view...
2 April 2013
You might hit the beach if you fall
The cay is in
a state of crumble.
2 April 2013
Note the Great Curve!
An afternoon of
Beauty & Peace
2 April 2013

Guy walks by. Says
"My kid flashed that."
2 April 2013
Check out the two-pack!
Thinks he looks like
Clint Eastwood. Henh.
2 April 2013
Alissa wades in the water
Good times on
Little Pine Cay
2 April 2013
It's a Big Sky View...
Looking North from
Little Pine Cay
2 April 2013
High on a crag on Little Pine Cay
Interesting GoPro
perspective shot...
2 April 2013

When we left Little Pine Cay, the Rum Punch flowed unabated,
and as so often happens, the crew started dancing with the passengers.
The music was blaring, and everyone was in motion when we docked again.
We went back to room briefly (Alissa stayed there to rest), then the boys & I
headed out to the watersports desk to sign out a Hobie catamaran...

It's that private conversation again...
Eli & Taylor
summing it all up
2 April 2013
There's always ONE Rastaman...
Keep your crowning
glory under cover
2 April 2013
Thanks for traveling with us!
Cap'm Pringles bids
us a fond farewell
2 April 2013
I think Eli's walking away with the last ginger ale...
"Hey," he stammers,
"Where's my ginger ale??"
2 April 2013
Ready to go sailing...
Sunscreen should
be liberally-applied
2 April 2013

We hopped on the Hobie-cat, and the wind proceeded to
be still. We foundered and bobbed a mere 30 feet offshore,
bumping into another Hobie-cat... Eli & Taylor wondered aloud
what could be so fun about a tiny sailing vessel...

It was a low-speed collision...
Eli maintains his
composure... awkward!
2 April 2013
Haha! We've crashed!
No wind, but perfect
weather for frisbee!
2 April 2013
Errgh... uhhh...
I believe there's
a gomer at the helm
2 April 2013
Taylor's plea for help
"Hello, Me. I'm
trapped on a Hobie"
2 April 2013
Oh, Jeez, he said...
Eli & Ben on the
wayward sailboat...
2 April 2013

Great family times on the Hobie-cat
"Dad, turnabout to shore."
"STFU, My Son..."
2 April 2013
Haha! We're all Gonna Die!!
Taylor sums up the
situation, quietly
2 April 2013
Stark realizations...
Whoops. This thing
is totally broken...
2 April 2013
Delight? Hmm...
"They're lost at sea??
2 April 2013


All images 2013 EBBoykin, Jr

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