Snorkel Boat Toss - Providenciales

Turks & Caicos Islands

We went out on the snorkeling boat.
The seas were a bit rough,
and Taylor didn't like it so much.
Still, here are a few photos.

Taylor working it in a rough sea
Tough snorkeling in
a rough ocean
1 April 2013
We were disappointed that the photo was so blurry
GoPro photo
of the reef
1 April 2013
Back on the boat. Alas.
Alissa & Ben
back on board
1 April 2013
The sea was rollicking.
Eli, Alissa, Ben...
Hey. Where is Taylor??
1 April 2013
It was a bit worrisome...
Okay. All present.
Back on the boat.
1 April 2013

Imagine your 1st time underwater being stormy.
Ah. Dry Land.
Danger is passed.
1 April 2013
Yeah, snorkeling today? It sucks!
Taylor glad to be
on Terra Firma!
1 April 2013
There's an island in the Pacific named after this flowering plant...
Bougainvillea outside
our room window
1 April 2013
Many restaurants here...
Heading out to
supper at Beaches...
1 April 2013


All images 2013 EBBoykin, Jr

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