Maiden Voyage to Providenciales

Turks & Caicos Islands

One thing about going any place: You have to get there first.
If you've never been there before, it's a maiden voyage. This was our first
time ever to but one of 308 islands in this British Overseas Territory.
Providenciales is where most of the people in this far-flung country live.

Sigh. You'd think there'd be a 1st Class lounge at the aeroport, Muffy...
First leg: Denver-Dallas.
Early morning anticipation
30 March 2013
Here comes the Sun... do-do-do-do...
Dawn colors above
plains on de plane
30 March 2013
Stark Fear of Flying is a lonely business.
Good Lord! Is that
T-T-Texas below??!!
30 March 2013
Maybe some day, we'll visit these as well...
Exuma & Hog Cay:
Bahamas from the air
30 March 2013

We arrived on the island in the mid-afternoon, and visited the beach right away, frisbee in hand.
The wind was a quite brisk this day, so flying the disc was a challenge. The following morning
was a little better. Trade winds hadn't kicked up yet, but they were still a bit frisky.

Getting the hang of beach frisbee...
Taylor & Eli are
new to this technique
31 March 2013
Body English. Definitely not British.
Eli flinging the
far-flung frisbee
31 March 2013
Education from the Trade Winds
If you're falling,
dive, Eli!
31 March 2013
Learning curve descends here...
Spot the frisbee!
Taylor receiving
31 March 2013
The first 'catch of the day...'
Finally. A no-baloney
frisbee delivery
31 March 2013

Taking a break from Frisbee for a bit...

Hmm, hmm, coming back from the poolside bar...
Dad arrives with
beverages. Ho-o-o Hum
31 March 2013
H-h-how bizarre!
31 March 2013
I've been punked
Oooh, nice trick,
ya little crapheads!
31 March 2013
Taylor is especially delighted
We got you good!
Sic Semper Tyrannus!
31 March 2013
Okay. That was a good one.
Thinks: Where did
they get this stuff?

31 March 2013

Refining the display...
Taylor critiques the
set-up for Eli...
31 March 2013
Sit up on 3! 1... 2...
Getting ready for
the next victims...
31 March 2013
Walleye view...
Western view of
the north shore
31 March 2013
Testing the GoPro camera
Augh! From here,
I look pretty ugly!
31 March 2013
Come ashore, my little camera...
Bringing in the
GoPro camera...
31 March 2013

Okay, back to Frisbee!

Old Fart on the beach! Old Fart on the beach!
Okay, you can catch.
But can you throw?
31 March 2013
Definitely needs to take his meds...
Good spin. No umph.
Way to go, Baldy.
31 March 2013
Huffin' & puffin'...
Remember to breathe,
it's good for you.
31 March 2013
No respeck.
You do this when
you catch the frisbee!
31 March 2013
If I only had a brain...
Scarecrow method.
Flap your arms.
31 March 2013

Throw that frisbee. Follow through!
The boy has good
body English!
31 March 2013
Get ready or get back!
Taylor winds up
for the kill
31 March 2013
He makes me feel studly!
Yeah, I got it.
Of course. Duhh.
31 March 2013
I Yam the flamingo!
Tai Chi catch.
I yam Cain.
31 March 2013
It's a royal huck!
Catch it, Loser!
31 March 2013

Spinny, spinny
Well, now! That
is a fancy catch!
31 March 2013
I hope you're wearing a helmet...
Another killer wind-up
from Number 5ive!
31 March 2013
Look out, baby!
The release.
Stay alert!
31 March 2013
He didn't drop it...
A determined catch
on the return...
31 March 2013
Back atcha, sucka!
31 March 2013

Just stop it, Grumpy.
Okay, now you're
being ridiculous.
31 March 2013
Imitate. That's the ticket.
English, you say.
Looks kinda whizzy
31 March 2013
The sun is rough on ya...
Guess who's coming
to dinner, folks?
31 March 2013
Ahh! Providenciales!
She's so excited
to be here!!
31 March 2013

After baking in the tropical sun all day,
It's good to wash up and get some supper...

Easy now, boys...
Let's make a
Mom sammich!
31 March 2013
Yep. It's a self-portrait!
Table for four,
in the Caicos
31 March 2013
Alissa & her two tiny babies...
Taylor, Alissa, & Eli
going to supper
31 March 2013


All images 2013 EBBoykin, Jr

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