Una Noche en San Juan

17 - 18 September, 2004

Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico City flag of San Juan

On our way home from St Lucia, we were informed during the flight that we would be staying in Puerto Rico
because Hurricane Jeanne was flexing her terrible muscles all over the place. More adventure ahead...

The ATR touched down in San Juan on the tropical, damp runway. Hurricane Jeanne was at that time reeling around Great Inagua,
just to the North, and she had already churned through Puerto Rico and Hispaniola few days prior to our arrival.
We geared up for bantam-weight boxing matches on the TV, spent our complimentary food voucher on McDonald's burgers,
and watched airplanes landing at Luis Muñoz Marín Airport from our high rise hotel room window, unloading their passengers,
and shutting down at the terminal gates. We had barely tasted a bit of oceanic reaction from the hurricane the entire week
we'd been in St Lucia. Meanwhile, all around us, workers at the airport had lost trees, crops, electricity, water and people
to the storm. We'd glimpsed some of the devastation from high above the city, while circling on our approach to the airport,
fields of liquid mud, ripped-up ground and downed trees. Puerto Rico's strength and resilience made us grateful for these locals.
The morning we left San Juan, one man told us about his generations-old avocado tree that had been torn apart, as he re-filled our
glasses of water.

The following day, we were cleared to fly to Dallas, and returned to cold, windy Wyoming later that night.
Kinda missed seeing those iguanas on the grass beside the runway...

Jeanne's track of destruction
Jeanne's track
of destruction
September, 2004
Regional rainfall totals
Rainfall totals
from Jeanne
September, 2004
NASA image of Jeanne nearing Florida
Jeanne on Florida,
after Puerto Rico
September, 2004