Antigua & Barbuda

22-29 October, 2003

Antigua's & Barbuda's national flag Basic map of this island nation.

Alissa & I went to St John's, Antigua in October of 2003.
We'd never been there before. We stayed at the Sandals in Dickenson Bay.
We were impressed at the quietness of this island and its reserved people.
Every night, at about Eleven O'clock, our hosts at the resort would proclaim
"Goodnight! Time to go to bed!" They would shut out the lights and close down
everything except for the piano bar... which was alright by us!
On this short trip, we scheduled three all-day tours, which gave us just two or three
days to relax on the beach. By the time we got home, we were exhausted!

Room 406, a cozy cottage duplex
Alissa on the porch
Snorkeling above one of the many coastal reefs
Alissa holding her breath!
Run, Junior, RUN!!!
Pygmy chameleon underfoot
The ocean had been churned up by Tropical Storm Mindy before we got there...
Blue Tang at school
Buying a hat for Brianna
Alissa & the hatmaker
Moonlight Jellyfish in the dim of the evening.
The jellies were legion
Damn the jellyfish, full speed ahead!
Alissa snorkeling for treasure
Closest thing to brains in the ocean...
Brain Coral
Coconut harvester in the trees...
Coconut harvest
Day trip to the island of Barbuda
Daytrip to Barbuda
This steel drummer was on the ferry with us to Montserrat... and he remembered us from the gig on Antigua...
Firedance musician, Antigua...
Duke on the ivory keys!
Antigua Duke in the piano bar,
absolutely the best!
Firedance in Antigua! Yeah, baby!!!
Night of the Fire Dance
Let's laugh!
Sandals portrait, Antigua
These guys were all over the place!
Lizard above, lizard below...
Rum punch! Colonial dockyards! Sugar cane plantations! Mangroves! Snorkeling!
Antigua Island Safari
One of thousands moving under cover of ... water....
Another Moonlight Jelly
Typical leeward islands sunset...
Leeward Islands sunset
Polly wanna cigar?
Dang Bird, v.1
Okay, Polly can't have a cigar!
Dang bird, v.2
Romantic sunset picture...
Antigua Sunset
Hep dude in St Johns, Antigua
That's an uptown dude!
Watching the shop in St. Johns, Antigua
Waiting for change,
St Johns, Antigua
Sandals resort, Antigua, West Indies.
Last night in Antigua