Antigua & Barbuda 2012

Antigua's & Barbuda's Coat-of-Arms Antigua's & Barbuda's national flag Basic map of this island nation.

We returned to Antigua in the winter of 2012, our first time to the Caribbean during
the so-called "high season." One thing we discovered was that the ocean was a bit chilly
compared to the times we'd been down here before (we normally visit during hurricane
season). We saw a few old friends and made a few new ones as well!

Getting there & the first day...
Getting there &
being there again
20 January 2012
This day we snorkeled in Dickinson Bay
Watersport &
the Point Reef
21 January 2012
Seems there's always one night we just get STOOPID
Barfè Diem:
Waste the Day!
22 January 2012
Best of Antigua tour, done better!
Drive-around Day
with Mister Sylvester
23 January 2012

Last full day of frisbee on the beach!
Frisbee, hobie,
& sunset photos
24 January 2012
All day on a Wadadli catamaran
Circumnavigation and
Green Island snorkeling
25 January 2012
Frisbee, the view, and it's my birthday!
To Barbuda aboard
the Excellence cat
26 January 2012