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Home Improvement

This is the stuff of home ownership. A list of major undertakings and honey-do's!

The 'I need a change' kitchen, plus bonus laundry room & wet bar!

Das Kitchen, 2011:
Three for One

She wanted a great big pond...

The Pond of 2009:
This was a big one!

This was a re-do, but better this time

The Fire Pit:
A re-do, 2009

The shower cracked & leaked, so I replaced it, with some help!

The Bath Fix, 2009:
The shower was busted

Sometimes all you need is a shovel...

Angst Pond, 2006:
The Dreamer does

Break glass. Make stuff out of broken glass.

Alissa's Creations

It's 'Construction Woman!'

Patios et al:
She pours concrete!

From a pea gravel RV park to a terraced garden

The Yard Project:
1997, Buffalo Ridge

From 9 cabinets to 22, D.I.Y.

The Kitchen, 1994:
Murder on Taft Ave.

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