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The first big bench... poured with rebar internal

The 1st bench,
the 1st pond
May, 2002

Here's a full view without alot of detail...

The first bench,
long-ish view
7 June 2006

Holding up well, even with snow...

Bench detail,
the Angst Pond
28 March 2011

I got yer foundation right here!

Bench legs poured
for yet another bench
17 June 2008

Scraping away the detritus

Patio bench,
detailing the detail
23 June 2008

Alissa started cutting glass in the early 2000's, setting it in concrete...
okay, well, what more can I say about that? Set in concrete. I just said it.
Most of it has held up quite well. In fact, we tread upon it almost daily, and even if we
don't, the weather puts it all to the test. One of the most durable pieces of art is the
first one she poured, which is beside what I call the Angst Pond. It hasn't cracked or
lost a piece of glass since she made it. Not sure where the design came from.

This is on the patio next to the house.

Under the Elm tree
on the patio
13 July 2008

Amongst the snapdragons...

Bench legs curing
in the garden
11 July 2008

Way off to the side... what it looks like...

The lily bench
in the garden
14 July 2008

Stand overhead & get an eyeful!

View of the bench
from right above
14 July 2008

I had to frame this into one of the house windows. Husband Duty.

Stained glass,
authored by Alissa
2 August 2008

Alissa has made seven stained glass benches since she discovered this medium
of expression. I just take pictures of it, because I am in awe. She probably sees it
the same way she sees quilting, sort of in an Amish sort of way: Perfection is God's business.

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