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The Downstairs Bathroom, 2009

Home Improvement

In August, the dog started unloading his bladder right in front of the downstairs bathroom door.
Not just occasionally; it was a daily, sometimes twice daily, occurrence. So I was rubbing his
little nose in the carpet everytime I mopped it up. Regardless, he kept doing it. Stooopid poodle!
Then I realized that the dog pee didn't smell like urine. The water on the bathroom floor clued me in.
Thought the baseboard heating pipe was leaking. I had Greg come over to check it out. He said the
the shower base was probably busted. The linoleum felt mushy, and the carpet in the hallway was staying
wet all of the time. This was not looking good. Another home project was staring me in the face...

Shower's gone... get Thee a plumber!

The clean-out:
my implements...
6 October 2009

Here's where you realize how tenuous a shower can be...

Am I allowed to
say spigot??
6 October 2009

I hated that I wasn't done ripping out drywall...

Unfinished business:
Demolition pending...
6 October 2009

Alissa tore out the flooring in early September (it was ruined). The downstairs kids moved
all of their things to the upstairs bathroom, and I put this repair off as long as I could. Eventually,
I could make no more excuses, so I ripped out the old shower kit with much fanfare. I realized that
I would be doing this much longer than I had wanted to! Greg gave me many pointers, but I called for his
expert advice so often that he felt compelled to come over and help me set the new base and panels.

My drywall skills are rudimentary at best. Plumbing is something I do especially poorly, but texturing?
I'm better at buttering corn-on-the-cob. Somehow I muddled through, giving the upper shower compartment
a meringue frosting texture. Alissa painted the walls, and her dad installed the new linoleum. Once the new
baseboard was installed by Yours Truly, the bathroom was put through the paces by the kids. And it worked!

This is the look I get when I'm trying to figure stuff out.

The knitted brow.
Ohh, the pain
6 October 2009

Merrill did a nice job on the linoleum.

View from the
hall doorway
20 April 2011

No, really, DON'T look at the drain...

Holding up well
18 months later
20 April 2011

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