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2006 First Pond

Home Improvement

We tried some strawberries here. Didn't work so well.

Future pond site,
new cement bench.
Early May, 2002

The pond had a small bubbler in it the first summer

An iris adorns
the little pond
7 June 2006

The boys were 10 & 11 that Spring...

Taylor helped dig
with his brother
7 June 2006

This feature, as one can see, is very green indeed!

Maintenance for
the little angst pond
28 April 2007

Winter transforms this area into a completely different beast, replete with an ice cone!

New Year's Eve
at the angst pond
31 December 2007

Alissa's first pond was a labor of angst. She felt the need to dig a hole, so she just went out
to our failed strawberry patch and did it. In Spring of 2006, and she just went Grrr.
The boys helped her dig. I helped out a little bit too, but my contribution was clandestine...
the pick-axe phantom. Eventually, the hole was deep enough to fill with either a body, or water.
Luckily, she chose the latter. I refer to it as the Angst Pond because I wasn't sure if it was going
to be a grave, or a water feature, or a maybe even a well-featured watery grave!

She bought a cheap vase & drilled holes in it for use as a water feature

Alissa's water fall:
animals love it!
8 May 2008

Light my fire... with lights and with a log!

Chiminea for heat,
lighting for accent
20 May 2008

Merrill later installed an external outlet for Alissa

Lights on at night
for a good mood
31 May 2008

Not well-suited to our extreme temperature fluctuations

Water hyacinth,
the weak floater
3 July 2008

She laid down the liner herself, filled it with water, and commenced to learn all about pond care first hand.
I had nothing to do with it, until she ran out of rocks with which to line the sides of it. We have had a large
volume of what are called "dinosaur eggs:" oval erratics of igneous & metamorphic origin. They turn up
anywhere you dig a hole. They range from small gravel to medicine ball size. Well, when she had depleted
the easily-accessible ones about the yard, she asked me to bring back rocks whenever I went climbing.
So I did. This greatly annoyed my climbing partners, but they helped me out. More angst: was it illegal?

She discovered that the pond did better with fountain aeration

It's a fountain.
It's an aerator.
3 July 2008

Alissa & the boys gave each fish a name

Alissa taught the fish
to eat from her hand
13 July 2008

The rain unfortunately showed that we couldn't use weed killer around the fish pond

Beautiful rain on
the water's surface
16 August 2008

Sheltered from the breeze, the little pond has direct sun on summer mornings

Relax. There is
no angst here!
19 August 2008

Alissa threw some goldfish in the pond soon afterwards, then she added botanical life forms. She had
great success with lilypads, muck-loving grasses... but not water hyacinth. Personally, having lived in
the South, I was relieved that hyacinth just turned yellow and died here in Wyoming.

The Angst Pond is a perfectly sheltered habitat. It is bathed in full morning sun during the summer months.
This corner of the house is protected from the prevailing southwest wind for most of the year (in the the
winter months of October through May, North winds bring snow, sleet and massive drifts). Overall,
it's the best place to sit and clear one's head. Alissa's home-made waterfall babbles away quietly.
In 2010, the liner developed a leak, probably from numerous bird dogs who occasionally leap into
the water during the summer months. She started re-digging the pond in late April of 2011...

The lilies proliferated in the warm little pond.

Lilypads soaking
up liquid sunshine
26 August 2008

The goldfish were joined by a few koi, eventually.

Fishes & plants
make it a pond
23 June 2009

High summer. Many of these plants were soon moved to the new pond.

Late summer,
a great year
25 August 2009

Winter came very early on 2009, and didn't stop until the following June.

Early winter ice,
& stock tank heater
12 October 2009

The work went rather quickly once she set her mind to it.
It didn't hurt that Kara's wedding was in the offing, and she wanted everything
to look presentable by the time the guests began arriving at our house.

All that yucky dried scum was fed to her flower beds.

The old liner,
drained & drying out
7 May 2011

Eli & Taylor helped Alissa with the de-construction.

Dismantling the
poor old pond
8 May 2011

The boys are great, willing helpers!

Eli takes a rock
from Alissa
8 May 2011

Never use vinyl. Although less expensive, it is not durable.

The new rubber liner
before rocking-in
9 May 2011

Deeper, more oval, with a standard filtration system.

The revision is
completed now
14 June 2011

I was mowing the back acres while Alissa finished building the new waterfall.
She rocked in the rims of the pond, and byt the time I was finished mowing,
the Angst pond looked quite professional!

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