Where She Comes From

Little Alissa

The Elder Sister

Here's a brief snapshot of Little Alissa:

Spook was born in Kittery, Maine. Means alot to her.
She was the eldest daughter of the family, especially after
her baby sister arrived from Korea in 1976.
She tells me that one of the most defining moments of her childhood
was when the whole family drove from Grand Forks, North Dakota to
Chicago, Illinois to meet baby Kendra when she arrived from Korea.
She became 'big sister' in that moment. Means alot to her.
In 1986, Brianna was born, and Alissa experienced the profound
defining moment of Motherhood. Brianna was the first grandchild, as well!
Alissa graduated from nursing school, and married Kara's & Jenna's father in early 1989.
In the blink of an eye, she was a young mother of three girls, as well as stepdaughter Tia.
Incredibly, Alissa's first husband filed for divorce in 1993. He's the expert.
Tia had to stay with her father; Alissa got Kara & Jenna.
When I began working at DePaul Hospital, I heard alot about 'Little Alissa' from
the other women at work. 'Little' was in reference to her physical size.
Once her divorce was underway, she had a little free time.
She & the girls moved back into her parents' house, in my neighborhood,
and Alissa offered to babysit my cranky old dog whenever I went climbing.
That was when I not only learned that she was a titan in a tiny body; I also found
out later that I was being scrutinized, and even just a little bit admired.
I couldn't believe that someone so colorful and sweet would be the least bit
interested in someone so banal and monochromic as I...
Meant alot to me.

Here are some pictures of 'Little Alissa,' who became mi maravillosa esposa

Little Alissa, 6 months old, 1968

Six months old, 1968

1968, New Hampshire

Grandpa Jerry,
Alissa & Danny, 1968

Alissa the toddler

1969 or so...

Number One & Number Two, together in... uhh...

Danny & Alissa,
early 1970's

School portraits!

School Daze

The whole family, together at last!

The Merrill Freeman family, 1978

Just the kids!

Danny, Alissa,
Kendra & Greg, 1978

Young Mommy & daughter Brianna

Alissa with 1-year-old
Brianna, April, 1987

Mom's a nurse now!

Alissa & Brianna, 1988

Seems like all they did this year was have their portraits done!


Alissa with Brianna, Kara, Jenna & stepdaughter Tia

April, 1991
during the "starter marriage."

Alissa with Kara & Brianna

1992; Jenna must've been
down for a nap...

The summer of big transitions

1993: with the girls
sometime around June

I was really happy to see even a silly look on her face after being away for almost four weeks.

She hates this picture
November, 1993


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