Where She Comes From

Kendra Michelle

Baby Sister

Here's a brief snapshot of Kendra:

Born in Seoul, South Korea on 10 Aug, 1976.
"THE phone call" came when Kendra was loaded onto the airplane to the U.S.
from the orphanage. Her new family then drove like mad
all the way from Grand Forks, North Dakota
to meet their adopted fourth child at the airport in Chicago, Illinois.
She was safe in their arms even before the formalities were completed.
Every one in the entire family loved her even before they met her.
Her birth name is Ahn Ok Hee.
Her first day in her new family was November 11, 1976.
She became a United States citizen on June 6th, 1980.
And so, Kendra grew up in America.
All grown up, she now lives in Sonoma, California.

Here are some pictures of Kendra. Enjoy!

First day at home

Merrill & Kendra
11 Nov, 1976

Kendra with her brothers & sister, 1977


Picture from the South Korean orphanage, of ten-day-old Ahn Ok Hee (The future Miss Kendra Michelle Freeman)

Ahn Ok Hee

Kendra buckled into her seat for the flight to America

On the way home

My fourth child

Kendra & mom Karen, 1976

Merrill & Karen sent this picture to the case worker who was checking in on the adoption...

A pic for the case worker

Big sister, little cousin, & toddler Kendra

With Alissa
& cousin Jimmy

Alissa loves having her little sister

Alissa & Kendra

She'll stay in there a little better if you duct tape her mittens to the sides!

Dragging the baby
round in the snow

Alissa & Kendra mugging for the camera

The "Sister Thing"

What NOT to say during the ceremony!

Becoming a
U.S. citizen

Think she's serious now, wait until she finds out about paying taxes!

Kendra Freeman,
American Girl

She can go alot higher than that!

Something to
swing about!

Click here for school portraits!

School Daze


It's Cowgirl

Prepare to eat marshmallows, Pilgrim

Uh-oh, she's
packin', too!

Life amongst the Spoon-nosers

Stupid Human

Fellow Speed Demons on the slopes


Playing board games with Betsy & Alissa, in the early 1980's

Girl games, 1980's

Early 1980's, back in the Bad, Ole Days

Dodd-Freeman mug shot
South Dakota

Kendra with Grampa Dodd, 1988

In the maw of the nasty, great big-city teeth!!

Girls' Trip, Oregon:
With Brianna
May, 2004

What it's all about. Cell phone image.

With Alissa after boarding:
a beer in Breckenridge
4 January 2009

Home for Christmas!

Home for Christmas
in Lennon's cap
21 December 2010

In the din of Din-din

Christmas Eve's
24 December 2010


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