Where She Comes From

Jerry & Margie Dodd

Maternal Grandparents

Here's a brief snapshot of the Jerry Dodd family history:

Jerry Dodd was born on the 13th day of January, 1910.
Back in the late 1930's or early 1940's, Jerry Dodd married Edith Ellen Arnold.
Alissa's mom Karen was their youngest baby.
Karen's mother died suddenly on December 29th, 1947,
a few weeks after Karen was born.
(Karen is Bentley Boykin's mother-in-law.)
Jerry then married Zayda Margaret ("Margie") on June 21st, 1948.
The families were thus combined.
And that's why there's a yearly Dodd-Westerhoff Reunion
(the "We put the 'fun' in dysfunctional" people).
Grampa Jerry died April 27th, 1989.
Gramma Margie died in September that same year.
Grampa Jerry's body was misplaced for a little while after he died.
His family got a real kick out of this faux pas:
Jerry was touring the country, post mortem.
Nobody told Margie. She'da been upset.
They say Jerry always did have a little wanderlust in him...

Here are some images of Jerry & Margie, mostly in their heyday.

Carmichael, California, 17 April, 1965

Father of the Bride
17 April, 1965


Grandma &
Grandpa Dodd

Margie, Jerry & Karen

The bride & her parents,
17 April, 1965

Messin' with the bride!

Wedding Day Hi-Jinks

1968, somewhere back east.

Jerry & Margie
with Danny & Alissa


Grandpa Jerry,
Alissa & Danny, 1968

Probably Maine, 1968

Grampa Jerry posing on the
rugged New England coast,

Dayton, Ohio 1971

Merrill, Karen,
Grampa Jerry & Gramma Margie,
brother Danny & sister Alissa, 1971

Last Visit, 1988

Grampa Jerry, after his stroke,
with Kendra, 1988


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