Where She Comes From

Merrill & Karen

Alissa's parents, a/k/a Grampa & Gramma

With all their kids...
Breckenridge, Colorado - January, 2009

Here's a brief snapshot of Merrill & Karen's history:

Karen was raised by her father & stepmother, who moved all over the West.
Merrill grew up in Indiana, being, amongst other things, a tractor mechanic
before joining the U.S. Air Force and becoming an officer & a gentleman.
Not to mention a B-52 navigator.
They met at a wedding in California in June, 1964.
The next thing you know, in Karen's photo album, there are pictures of their
bridal showers dated in December of 1964!
They were married on April 17th, 1965, in Carmichael, California.
They resided in many places. Usually any place there was an Air Force facility.
In rapid succession, three children were born (Danny, Alissa & Greg).
As if they weren't enough, they fostered many other children as well.
They adopted their fourth child, Kendra, a gift from Korea, in 1976.
Merrill retired from the Air Force about 1980, and was
called to serve a position with Child Evangelism Fellowship.
Karen & Merrill accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior around this time.
Here are some scans of Alissa's folks!

The specially friend-made dress

Bridal Shower 1965

Will You Marry Me?

Surprise Engagement party
December, 1964

Happy Birthday, Karen, & Congratulations!!

The Groom-to-be,
& the Bride-to-be

17 April, 1965

Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Freeman

Carmichael, California, 1965

Cutting the cake

Yum, yum...

Sharing the cake

Rice is good luck!

Leaving the church,
17 April, 1965

17 April, 1980

The Famous 15th Cake

The Merill Freeman family, 1981

1981 Freeman Family

Karen's favorite kiss picture

This is Karen's favorite
Kiss picture...

Hang 5, Karen!

Goin' with the flow in Hawaii

Merrill hangin' ten!

Riding the wave in Hawaii!!

With Grandbaby boy Taylor, 1995

With their 11th grandchild, Taylor

Karen's 50th birthday

Surprise! Alissa had
a surprise party for her mom

Check out Danny's no-hands maneuver!

Sledding at Happy Jack...

Viva Casa Bonita!

Snowboarding Trip
with Greg's & Deb's kids,
April, 2008


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