Where She Comes From

Greg Freeman

Younger Brother

Here's a brief snapshot of Greg:

Born in Dayton, Ohio, wayyy back in 1970.
He was Child Number Three for Merrill & Karen.
Alissa tells me that she and big brother Dan
gave Greg sort of a hard time during his early years.
You'd never hear it from him, though.
Always had a thing for horses. Like a moth to a flame.
Likewise, he was drawn to serving The Lord,
and went to Guatemala in 1988
on a summer-long mission.

Eleven days old

Greg and Mom, 1970

With Kris Kringle, 1970

Christmas, 1970

Baby Greg, 2-and-a-half months old

January 1971

For his siblings, this was probably Greg's Ejection Seat!

Maybe around 1971?

Is that a birthday cake he's wearing?

October 1971?

Here's more about Greg from the man himself, circa 2008:

I am not sure what you want as far as memories from childhood. I think Alissa
has come to a fairly honest understanding of the travails of 'Greg the Martyr.'

You'd think he'd like a good dunkin'!

Bath Time!! 1972

Patiently waiting for the Crazy Glue to wear off...

Slide Area, c.1972

Thinks: 'Why is everybody grinning but me?'

All Three kids, 1971

I'll have a baba, and a panky-poo, please.

All three again, c.1972

Most of my memories of childhood are of me observing
Dan, Alissa or Kendra doing something interesting.

The I-80 oddity: the rock-grown tree

Point of Interest, 1973

Sung to the tune of 'La-dee-dah'

Solo Karaoke, 1974

Me Greg-zan. You Jane??!

Greg of the Jungle, 1975

WHAT is sooo funny?!

Giggly bunch, 1973

I am not sure I ever actually did anything as a kid, I just kind of watched the others.

A page with school portraits of Greg

School Daze

Betsy trying to boss Greg around'

Whipping Boy, 1981

Hot time at Kid Sister's party!


Boy is she enthused, or WHAT?

Prom 1986

(Notice open mouth and vacant stare in every picture taken of me under the age of 18...
could you Photoshop® a smile into at least one?)

The fund-raising bookmark (There is no link for this image)

1988 Mission

Headed for Central America

Mom & Greg, 1988

Please, Sir: I want some more...

Guatemala chow

Merrill shot the bird & Greg ran over this wolf. Well, not exactly...

Hunting, 1987
Deb [Greg's wife] grew up in Hawaii until one dark day in November 1981 when her family moved to Wyoming.

Our first date 6/28/91. We were married 12/21/91 (one week shy of 6 months later).
Since that time we have lived in Laramie, Wyoming where Abe was born (2/27/93), then we moved
to Grand Forks, ND and Emily was born 2/6/95. Then after a brief stint in Minot, ND and in Mom and Dad's
basement, we moved to Waterloo, IA where Gracie was born on 11/12/96. We spent a year in Montrose, CO
then four in Southern CA. We have now settled in Carthage, MO which feels like home. I doubt we'll ever leave.

Nice ducks, fellas. Greg bagged this fine feral canine!

1988 Dog & Duck Hunt

Whaddaya mean, dog is out of season!?

Moment of Quandary, 1988

With Grandpa Jerry Dodd

1988 visit with Jerry

Carthage. Where Greg said he'd always live. Heh-heh.

Greg, Deb & kids
Carthage, Missouri, 2008
Abe is 6'3" at 15 years of age. His two great passions are dairy cows and basketball.
His herd includes Julius Caesar- a bull calf and Cinderella-a pregnant heifer.

Emily is 13 and as ornery as she is beautiful - She is and will always be my baby girl.
She used to be such a homebody, but recently has started wanting to get out into the world a little more.
I am trying to convince her this is a very bad idea.

Gracie is 12 and will do just about anything. She loves animals and being active.
The only thing she doesn't like is soup.

Deb's days are filled lernin the chillens their readin, ritin and rithmatic.
I'm hitting my second childhood now with the kids. I feel I need to do this because I sort of squandered
my first childhood. I play alot of basketball with Abe. Grace and I play on the ropeswing and ride the horses.
That was always my dream as a kid: being a cowboy. Emily is a little bit like me in that she is happy
to be in the background.

Update 2012: In 2011, Greg & Deb moved to Kalispell, Montana. So much for
languishing, er, I mean living in Carthage, Missouri for an everlasting time!


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