Where She Comes From

Edith Freeman

Paternal Grandmother

A brief snapshot of the Edith Freeman family history:

Edith was born in 1915, and her husband, Grampa Freeman, was born probably before that.
Grampa Clarence Freeman died in 1960.
They had lived in Muncie and Indianapolis, before the whole clan
settled in French Lick, Indiana in 1961. Good place for golf.
Heard that Dillinger swung a six-iron there... but anyway.
There were seventeen-count-'em-seventeen
Freeman children, of which Merrill was the third.
(That would be my father-in-law, my friends. Alissa's dad.)
We had the pleasure of meeting nearly the entire family in 1997.
Unfortunately, Uncle Claire & Aunt Leatha had passed away some time before.
Gramma Edith passed away soon after the reunion we'd attended in French Lick.
Alissa had a sixth-sense about going to the reunion: I didn't have a choice, we had to go.
She was right.

French Lick, Indiana, possibly in 1969

All 17 of Edith Freeman's children

French Lick, Indiana, August, 2009.

Pictures at Zoe's place,
August, 2009

Detail of Edith, 1986

Family Reunion,

1986, with Great Uncle Walter

1986, Edith &
Great Uncle Walter


1992 Reunion
detail of Edith

French Lick, 1992

Edith & the kids, 1992

French Lick, 1997

Edith & granddaughter Alissa,
French Lick, 1997


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