Where She Comes From

Dan Freeman

Big Bro

Here's a brief snapshot of Dan Freeman's history:

Dan was born... Okay, like the rest of us...
After that, he grew up, and he graduated from high school.
He jumped onto a tramp steamer & wound up Hawaii.
(Not completely true, but CLOSE)...
He got married, and took over responsibility for two stepkids kids,
plus he & his wife had two kids more together...
His stepkids were Amber & Michael.
His birth kids were Trenton & Megan.
Dan divorced Joy in about 1995.
One-by-one, all four kids wound up back in the 'Lower 48.'
Young Michael passed away unexpectedly in about 1997.
Dan married Joi in 2004. He won custody of Trenton in ~2004,
and Megan in January, 2008.
All of the three remaining kids have grown and are on their own.
Dan used to rock climb with Yours Truly,
but now he snowboards with, along with his own family, his sister Alissa.
(I'm making the best of this... I snowboard like a starfish,
and so Dan saves me from having to get maybe really badly injured...

Here are many pictures of Brother Danny...

Brother-in-law Danny, 2008


1968, New Hampshire

Grandpa Jerry,
Alissa & Danny, 1968

American Gothic, North Dakota-style

1976 Freeman family portrait,
Dan on the far left

We  -  are  -  fa-mi-ly!!

Alissa, Danny, Kendra & Greg,
February, 1977

Grand Forks, 1977

Heavy Metal Kids!!!

Minot ND


Hawaii, 1989

Catchin' some Z's with
newborn Trenton, 1989

Workin' hard in Hawaii, what a concept...

Readin' meters for
a livin', 1992

Hawaii, 1990

1990 Family Tree: Joy, Dan,
Trenton, Amber & Michael

It's just a camera, don't worry...

Trenton & Dan, 1991

May 1993: Baby Megan

Megan, Amber & Dan,
May, 1993

Heading to the lava beds...

Hilo City Park,
May, 1993

Hello, Rock Climbing!

Climbing School at the
Lichen Lounge, Vedauwoo, 1995

'Approach' ice pitch, Big Thompson Canyon, 1999

Climbing in Colorado,

Smack down, Big Thompson Canyon, 1999

Climbing the lower falls,
Big Thompson Canyon, 1999

Dan in the lead

1999, Lower falls,
Big Thompson Canyon

The 'good spot' at Blair-Wallis

Camp Chef Dan,
wielding the spatula

The undisputed king of Tickle

Working the crowd...
whether they want
it or not!

Garage party animals! Trenton, Dan, Joi & Megan

Graduation party, May 2007:
the whole bunch

Trenton's graduation, 2007: Dan, Megan, Trenton & Amber

East High graduation, 2007

Dan, Jenna, Alissa & Brianna, loading the truck in Laramie.

Loading the truck for
Brianna's big move, 2008

Dan's & Joi's family

Joi, Dan,
Megan & Trenton, 2008

Yes, Joi is very amused!

Dan & Joi,
Easter, 2008


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