Where I Come From

Tracey Phillips née Boykin

My Baby Sister

Christmas 1965, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tracey came along while we lived in Milwaukee, in September of 1964.
She was born with a full head of hair, my mom says. She was the ultimate baby sister,
winning the attention of everyone who passed the shopping cart in the grocery stores.
And only she could get away with murder! Nobody else...
It seemed to me, while I was a child, that she had the wicked juju to win the influence
of everyone. Alas, she had the power to control even my best ally, Dear Ol' Dad.

In my own later years, I have learned to appreciate
the influence of the youngest daughter on said patriarch.

Anyhow, Tracey is the most highly-educated of all of us, and has a wonderful life.
She and her husband Neal reside in their log cabin home in the hinterlands
of the Carolinas. They worked long & hard to realize The Dream, not to
mention their devotion to their two sons, and to their careers. They both served
their country, in the Air Force. Neal couldn't get enough flight time, even after more
than twenty years of piloting combat aircraft, so he started his second career after
all of that, as an airline pilot. He's the other half of this amazing couple.

Here are some pictures of sister Tracey & her family...

Barely 90 days old!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Christmas time, 1964

1965 Christmas Time, all the family!

Boykin Family, c. 1965 Christmas

1965 Christmas Time, Kissin' Cousin Jimmy!

Boykin Family Christmas,
c. 1965 Christmas

1970 or 1971. Tracey has her arm around little Chris Snyder, the church's music director's son

Springfield, Illinois
Easter Time '70 or '71

At Gigi's & Granddad's house in the Rockies...

Monument, Colorado
circa 1970

22 July, 1973, Auburn, Illinois

Kid show for the folks,
22 July, 1973

Family portrait for the First Baptist Church directory, Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY

Tracey, Cindy, and kids from the First Baptist Church, Crosby, Texas

Christmas 1988,
Crosby, Texas

Christmas, O Christmas, 1988

Christmas, 1988,
Crosby, Texas

Military duty, 1989

2nd Lt. Tracey Boykin in
a trainer jet, 1989

Workin' for a livin'

2nd Lt Tracey Boykin,
on duty. Get
your shots here!

Finished with college... for now anyway! Hi, Mom!

UT Graduation,
Galveston, 1989

Many words exchanged here (I'll probably get in trouble for this picture!)

Mom's & Dad's
50th anniversary,
December, 2006

I KNOW I'm getting in trouble for this picture... what do you suppose she is about to say??? Tami, Connie & Randy look on.

The word is 'fine.' Really!!
December, 2006, Galveston

Neal poring over house plans, late Christmas Day, 2006

Neal agonizing over
log cabin plans,
25 December, 2006

Jake on guitar<br>2008

Jake & his guitar,

Senior Picture. One of many

One of Jake's
senior pictures, 2008

Big guns, my boy. You need big guns...

On board the big battleship.
Tracey & Sam, 2008


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