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My Big Sister

Alabama-days, my big sister looking all grown up (to me at the time, anyway)

My Big Sister, Tami!

When I came along, my big sister Tammy [original spelling] had been around for about two years.
Hear tell she spoke for me, so that I didn't need to speak until I was about three years old.
Even longer than THAT by some accounts. I remember that she & I used to watch TV together,
especially "Combat," and "Captain Kangaroo."

Tammy was the great mold-breaker. Hers was always an expedition of discovery.
Minding what our big sister did gave the rest of us kids pointers on survival!

This is either Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, 1961. Bentley on the left, Tammy on the right.

My cute little Big Sis
Thanksgiving in
Birmingham. 1961

Musta been Spring 1962: Cindy's sitting upright all by herself.

Cindy, Ben & Tami
Birmingham, Alabama:
~Spring, 1962

Christmas time, probably 1962, 1113 Five Mile Road, Birmingham, Alabama

Tami & Bentley
~1962, Birmingham

Tami, Bentley & Cindy... 1113 Five Mile Road

Tami, Bentley & Cindy
Three Boykin kids (so far)
April, 1963

Tami & Bentley... 1113 Five Mile Road

Easter, 1963
Bentley & Tami
in Birmingham

Blizzard of 1964, at 1113 Five Mile Road... Tammy's almost as big as the snowman!

I am my Dad!
Blizzard of '64
Birmingham, Alabama

Now she's THE big sister! 3245 Ridgecrest Drive, Brookfield, Wis.

The four of us
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Christmas time, 1964

1965 Christmas Time. Down in front, lovin' the Season!

Me, Mom, Dad, Tami
Tracey & Cindy: the
Boykin Family, c. 1965 Christmas

Dad (#1) took the picture. 119 Seminole Drive

The seven of us
Springfield, Illinois
Easter Time, about 1970

This is the rented house we stayed in on Friar's Lane in Springfield, Illinois while we were waiting to move into the farmhouse in Auburn. Beautiful sisters!

Six of us at
Easter, 1972
Springfield, Ill.

Family portrait for the First Baptist Church directory, Louisville, KY

Baptist Church Directory,
in Louisville, KY
Early 1975

Sister Cindy, Tami & Brother Ben. Check out that classy 1973 Impala!

Cindy, Tami & Bentley:
Bathin' beauties & 'Boliver'
Galveston, 1980

Sometime about 1975, My sister changed the spelling of her first name to 'Tami.'
Back then, she dated a nice fellow named Charlie Barnes in Phoenix, a guy who played bass guitar,
Pink Floyd's "Astrome Domine", and took me under his musical wing... and maybe that was too much for Tami!

When we moved to Louisville in 1975, the city was full of young men.
She was swept off her feet by Terry Stump, and they married in 1976.

Tami & Terry had three kids: Tabitha, Earl Johnson ("E.J."), and Elliot.
Sometime around 1982, Tami & Terry divorced.

Christmas Day, 1988 at Mooses & Papa's, with Tabitha makin' a ruckus

Tabitha & Tami,
Christmas Day, 1988
Crosby, Tx

Little Prodigal Brother by her side...

Christmas time,

Days of Poofy Hair: Easter, 1990

Easter 1990
with Tab & Moose

Poofy Hair and young boys & girls!

Tab, Elliot & E.J.
Easter, 1990

Like an Alfred Hitchcock movie she really, really likes!

Cindy's bird
making a nest?

Tami's 37th birthday!

"Happy Birthday,
Mom!" Tabitha
gettin' funny. 1994

My daughters loved to stay the night at Aunt Tami's house whenever we visited Texas.
Our trinket collection always overflowed when we collected the girls from her house.

I'm not sure what she was lookin' at... I probably had a mole that looked like a dead exhusband???

Sister & Bro moment:
October, 1996

Kara, Jenna, Taylor & Eli with Aunt Tami

Big night with Tami
March, 1999

Tami & the sleepy pups...

Sweet dreams!
March, 1999

The big family reunion, 2002, in Wyoming.

Summer of 2002,
Boykin Family

We posed for a 'siblings' picture at Mom's & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary...


Here's a photo with all four of us, at the beach house on Galveston Island during the big 50th!

Tami & the rest
of us kids,
December, 2006

Tami's kids have grown to adulthood already (I know; it happens!).
Tabitha & Ethan live a few hundred miles from Tami.
E.J. & his kids live in the Crosby area. Elliot is still in college
at Texas A & M, where has become Combined Drum Major!

Tami's nephew Little Noah (from Alaska!) managed to break his leg after the anniversary!

Carrying Noah home
from the medic,
January, 2007

Out for supple at de Chinee Buffet

Velly good mear,
Chinee lestaulant
TX, August,2008

I visited Houston for my birthday in 2009, and on that day, Tami & I joined the folks to view the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ike.

Having a look at
Galveston Bay,
26 Jan., 2009

Road trip!!

Straining at the
seat belt!
Galveston, 2009

Down on the (absent!) boardwalk... down by the sea-ea...

With the folks,
Galveston, 2009

'Nana' & Micah

"Nana" and Micah,
Tami's first
grandson, 2008

Tami's kids at a Texas A & M game together, 20 September, 2008

Elliot, Tabitha
and E.J. together!

Tami 'Nana' with grandson Ethan Stump & granddaughter Jaelyn Stump

Tami with Ethan,
and Jaelyn,
January, 2009

Tami's oldest son E.J. with his daughter Mia

E.J. and daughter Mia,


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