Where I Come From

My Parents

Earl & Joyce

Mom & Dad met in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in about 1956.
He was working for Allis-Chalmers, and since February he had
been attending a church where one of his fellow Aggies was a pastor.

"I met her at Bellview Baptist Church. She sang a solo,
and she was wearing this pretty, yellow pinafore dress."
That was in August, and Mom's father invited this young Texan over for Sunday dinner.
I think he was pretty smitten from then on. They started dating each other. Mom says she was
still getting asked out by would-be suitors, but she turned them all down, and pretty soon
it was obvious that these two were very committed to each other.
My dad also had a commitment with Uncle Sam in his very near future, and before
he had to report for duty in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, they decided to get married.

In fact, they drove down to Raton on the 5th of January, 1957 and eloped!

Soon after that, they revealed to Gigi & Granddad that they were now married.
Joyce broke it to her mom (Gigi), and Earl broke it to his new wife's father (Granddad).
The ladies were at home while the men were out taking care of the horses.
The thing both of my parents remember the most is Granddad's reaction:
"I don't expect to get her back," he told his new son-in-law.

Soon they headed to Fort Sill, and he began his brief active military career.
"The war was winding down, and they had more personnel than they needed. My wife
had a bigger paycheck than me, the way things were working out for officers' wives.
Several months into it, I had a choice of being an aide-de-camp in Hawaii, or I could
get out of the military altogether and earn $350 a month with Allis-Chalmers.
It was an easy choice for me!" This was in the days of 25-cent gasoline...

They loaded everything they had into their green Buick convertible, hitched a little trailer to it,
and headed for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Coincidentally, the largest piece of furniture they
had was my mother's Pfaff sewing machine, which took up most of the trailer.
(I had no knowledge of such a thing as a Pfaff... until I had to buy one for Alissa,
but that's not in this story...

January 1957

Mr & Mrs Earl Boykin

The famous mailbox

The mailbox we grew up with

With the preacher, after the wedding

Dad, Mom, Pastor Newton Cole,
January, 1957

The rental house in Birmingham, about 1959

The Wedgeworth House,
Birmingham, Alabama, 1959

On the beach...

With daughter Tammy. 1959

Probably Easter, 1113 Five Mile Road, Birmingham. Mom's expecting with sister Cindy.

With kids so far, Tammy & Bentley, 1961

We still lived in Alabama, but were soon moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Blizzard of 1964...
in Birmingham!

Earl's & Joyce's kids: Bentley, Tammy, Tracey & Cindy

1964 Christmas card photo

The whole family around Christmas time, Milwaukee, 1965

The 1965 Christmas photo

Pony ride in Colorado

Dad leading the pony,
circa 1967

With Cindy & Tracey in Monument, Colorado, about 1970. Tammy & Bentley were down in Texas at the time.

Monument, Colorado vacation
about 1970

The front porch used to a 'half porch.' I remember my dad up on the scaffolding, and my mother as well. Rural Route 1, Auburn, Illinois, ~1972

The farm house my parents
restored, circa 1972. Auburn, Illinois.

6002 East Larkspur, Scottsdale, Arizona.

The lovely & talented couple,
~1974. Ditat Deus!

The photgrapher was giving me an uncontrollable fit of The Giggles, and the entire family was trying so hard to maintain composure...

Family portrait, 1975
Louisville, Kentucky

Mom & Dad are a comedy team at Christmas. These are their Acapulco Tourist hats...

Christmas in Crosby, Texas, ~1979

Pinedale, Wyoming, at Glenn & Cindy's wedding

December, 1992
Pinedale, Wyoming

This has got to be Lake Tahoe...

The light is playing tricks.
Twenty-first century...

This cannon was used in a John Wayne 'Alamo' movie

Gosh, they sure are cute!


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