Where I Come From


Here are some chronologic pictures of Yours Truly.

I was born in Alabama, and we left in 1964. My dad's work took us all over the U.S.A.
Never really had a permanent hometown, just where ever we've lived at the time.
My parents have often expressed a measure of apology for that, but I believe
it all worked out for the best. We sure got around.

That kind of history can be mighty handy at times.
I can say I'm from here, I'm from there... and it's all true.
You'll notice that alot of these pictures seem to be from adult years...
Well, okay, they are. That's because I think "Childhood," atleast
in my case, is NOT merely chronological. In fact, I revisit it often.
You know it to be true.

Ready for that silver nitrate to the peepers, Doc!

January, 1960

'Hi, Daddy-O!'

A toddler in
Birmingham, c.1961

'Tex' at the wheel! Look out!!

Christmas, ~1962

A serious moment? WHAT!?

1964, Birmingham

Brookfield, Wisconsin


Brookfield, Wisconsin; we moved to Santa Ana, California sometime around 1966/1967

First Grade!

I woke up our  grandparents with a mighty rimshot when I discovered Saint Nick had brought me a drumset!

Christmas, 1967.
Santa Ana, California

This was a Boy Scout trip to float the Current River in Southeast Missouri. My dad & I waited at the roadside for the Springfield-based scout troop to pick me up.

1972, Auburn, Illinois:
Waiting for the bus

My best guess about this school picture is that it was 6th or 7th grade, 1972 or '73...

Might be 7th grade,
Auburn, Illinois, 1973

Scottsdale; This is our swimming pool (gotta have a pool in Arizona!) at 6002 East Larkspur Drive.

graduation, 1974
Scottsdale, AZ

Culture shock. Knocked out by a Bluegrass tetherball...

First summer in
Louisville, KY, 1975

High school sophomore at Ballard High School, 1975

Grade Ten,
Autumn of 1975
Louisville, KY

I graduated high school in 1978. We had court-ordered busing the last two years of public school for students whose surnames began with A, B, F, & Q.

Class of 1978,
Central High,
Louisville, KY

Room 219, Pembroke Hall, Belmont College. Note 3-dimensional squalor... I spent two years working on a 5-year Classical Guitar Performance degree, but I was not yet ready for the commitment.

Belmont College,
Nashville, TN,
Spring 1979

We moved to Texas the summer of '79, and until the house was built, we stayed with Bubba & Granddad in Pasadena.

Summer job with
Superturf. Pasadena,
Texas. May, 1979

Honest, folks, it was a Saturday... 15 September!

GPW, me & two buds
Percy Warner Park. Nashville, TN,
September, 1979

Wearing a scarf my sister Cindy made for me. Dog's probably the girlfriend I deserved...

Christmas 1979,
Crosby, TX

A summers day at the seaside, Gulf of Mexico!

With Cindy & Tami,
Bolivar Peninsula,
Texas, 1980

Formal portrait at Newport Country Club. I was the prodigal son at this point. Cut my hair, joined the Noodles, and went to school to become an EKG technician.

October, 1981
Crosby, TX

This was a rough gig. All of our instruments had been stolen three days earlier in Dallas, so we had to borrow almost everything for this show at Fitzgeralds.

The Noodles onstage,
Houston, TX
6 October, 1982

Too ignorant to know what I'm looking for. Too proud & stupid to ask my dad...

Hard lessons of
car-'n'-all knowledge,
February, 1984

'What you are now is what you were when'... Just havin' a rip-roaring good time in Houston!

Remember the Embargo!
April, 1984

You can tell by the ripped-off shirt sleeves that we must be in West Texas...

Returning from the
Grapevine Hills.
March, 1987.

Self-portrait after climbing a couple of routes solo on the Green Wall, Fremont Canyon. My phase of wallowing in depression & self-pity.

Climbing alone,
summer of 1991,
Near Casper, WY

This was the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Out of the abyss.
December, 1993,
Encampment, WY

I'm not sure where Kara is in this moment, but she was never one to miss this kinda stuff...

Tickle Torture!!
August, 1994
Cheyenne, WY

Take Halloween to heart: scare the crap out of somebody!

Embedded with the
trick-or-treaters, 1994
Cheyenne, WY

Fell in a bucket of shaving cream...

Who's gonna grow first?
Eli & Ben, 1995

Post-bath time at Das Plum Hause, Fredricksburg, Texas.

One wrapped, one roped.
Taylor, Eli & Ben, 1996

'Come on, Dad. Gimme the car tonight...'

He doesn't know yet...
Taylor & Ben, 1996

Photograph by Eli.

Hiking Capulin Mountain,
mid-road trip.
March, 1999

This is the Sprocket. Click for the Geezer...

The Geezer (2000)
& the Sprocket (2002)

Ready for a stroll around New Providence

Snappy dresser
Nassau, Bahamas
June, 2005

Hiking into the Wind River Range with some friends to scatter Pat's ashes. Photo by Jim Cunningham

Bound for Steeple Pk,
Wind River Range, Wyoming
July, 2005

A bit of glorified hiking, high over Loveland Pass in the winter...

Alone on Mt Sniktau,
near Loveland Pass,
Colorado. February, 2007

I let my beard grow for about a month while we were on a trip to the Olympic Coast in Washington...

Full-Geezer mode,
Cell-photo at work.
September, 2007

Relaxing by the angst pond, photo by Alissa

Not shavin' today.
August, 2008

Probably the reason we don't have our office in the Cath Lab lounge anymore...

Found your stash...
Stop, Thief!
January, 2009

Just flew up here & boy are my arms tired!

Belaying Kelman & Squeak
at Vedauwoo,
9 July 2010

In the summer of my 50th Year!

Elton's got nuttin' on me!
14 July 2010


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