Where I Come From

Cindy Stout née Boykin

Christmas 1963, Birmingham, Alabama

Our Kid Sister Cindy!

She was born in the summer of her twenty-seventh year.
Comin' home to a place she'd never been before...

(Okay, but seriously, folks... she was John Denver's biggest fan)
Cindy joined the family in the summer of 1961, and I believe she was the tiniest baby.
That musta been why it was so easy to fling her toward the ceiling from the top bunk...
when she was little anyway. We were roommates for a while as I recall.
I've never lived that down, smacking her noggin on the ceiling.

Of all my sisters, Cindy was The Great Moralist. While big sister Tami lorded over me,
and baby sister Tracey reported my activities to the proper authorities, Cindy would simply
let me know in no uncertain terms when I was a disappointment to her. And even now,
whenever I feel even a minute twinge of guilt... well, okay, sometimes-but-not-always...
I think of her!

She is renown for her stubbornness. She transformed this mere trait into a quality:
Amongst many other things, she took up horseback riding, and equestrian care. She owned three
different horses before she turned eighteen. It's a good thing she had such a hard head, too:
From the time she was three, she was also the undisputed master of taking head-first diggers!

She married young, interrupting her college career to have her first two children, Jory & Samantha.
When the marriage failed, she took her kids with her to Texas A & M, and completed
a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Biology. It was at A & M that she met her future husband, Glenn.
Cindy and the kids moved to Wyoming in 1992, and once again she was my roommate!
We shared a house for about six months...
and then she and Glenn got married! They moved to Pinedale, and then to Sybille Canyon, and,
wouldn't you know, those two stubborn newlyweds up and moved to Alaska, where they could do more
dogsledding, hunting, fishing, exploring, hunting, fishing... did I mention hunting?

They have increased their family size to seven, with the additions of sons Seth, Caleb and Noah.
Now that they have lived in Tok, Galena, and most recently Fairbanks, I have to say I am pretty dang jealous.

Here are some pictures of sister Cindy & her family...

Cindy, Tami & Bentley... 1113 Five Mile Road

Three Boykin kids (so far)
April, 1962

Blizzard of 1964, at 1113 Five Mile Road... Cindy's the littlest one!

Blizzard of '64
Birmingham, Alabama

Now she's a big sister too! 3245 Ridgecrest Drive, Brookfield, Wis.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Christmas time, 1964

1965 Christmas Time... is she watching me??? Probably wondering what all the attitude is about!

Boykin Family, c. 1965 Christmas

Cindy's on the left in the tan-colored outfit... 119 Seminole Drive

Springfield, Illinois
Easter Time, about 1970

At Gigi's & Granddad's house in the Rockies... I think it was #6 Limestone Road...

Monument, Colorado
circa 1970

Family portrait for the First Baptist Church directory, Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY

Cindy, sister Tami & Brother Ben. Check out that classy 1973 Impala!

Bathin' beauties & 'Boliver'
Galveston, 1980

There's Cindy, with her guitar. I always thought she shoulda been doing alot more of that!

Christmas 1988,
Crosby, Texas

Hangin' out at the folks' house, Christmas time

Christmas Day, 1990
Crosby, Tx

Cindy with Sam & Jory in Crosby, Texas

Easter 1991
Cindy, Jory & Samantha

Christmas time; Sam & Jo on Moose's & Papa's spiral staircase

Christmas 1991
with cousin Elliot

Rite of Passage: Going it alone in Minnesota during Winter

Outward Bound solo
March, 1992

And speaking of 'solo...'

Glenn going 'shopping'
Alaska-style, 2000

I've never seen this for myself, but it looks pretty exciting & exotic to me...

Galena, Alaska, on the
banks of the mighty Yukon

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? I mean, like when he's like, y'know, DEAD?

Glenn & the
Big Bad Wolf:
19 February, 2004

Cross-eyed cousins all... a stopover by the Stouts on their way to visit family in Colorado

15 December, 2005:
Boys in the kitchen!

Glenn taking Seth & Caleb on a hunt. Noah was too young to go, and Jory was already away on his Life Journey.

Hunt Launch

Bro's, I yam gonna miss youse...

Seth & Caleb bid
brother Noah au revoir

Now the work begins...

Caleb's bull moose

'S rough running yer buns off in a race. Heck, you'd even have a nap with your baby brother's bottom pointed squarely in your general direction...

Seth catchin' some Z's
with Noah, 2006

Cindy's & Glenn's place, Galena, Alaska

Galena in the Autumn

Hey! Look! Sunlight in the winter!!!

Stout boys at play,
January, 2007. Texas.

In Training: Glenn & the dogs

Dog-mushing obedience
school. October, 2007

Go, Jorden, GO! 27 November, 2007

Jory's daughter
on the run
Cheyenne, WY, 2007

Back in Alaska at last!

Jorden (& Jory) welcomed by
her uncles! 2008

From what I can see... I feel pretty jealous. Yep, Glenn's a granddad, and I'm not yet. Dang.

Jorden & Glenn,

Moose meat, Galena. It doesn't get any better than this...

Moose harvest, 2008:
Seth & Glenn

On a visit to Texas, 2008

Samantha crossing
Galveston Bay, 2008

GO SETH!! Seth placed 14th, age group 15-17 yrs, in the 25K Freestyle of the 22nd Annual Tour of Anchorage!!

Seth in the 22nd annual
Tour of Anchorage,
2 March, 2009


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