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Should I be academic, or should I...  DEVOUR THIS GINGERBREAD HOUSE!? Fear not. I have a red cowl. Cartoon Self Portrait Taylor Under Glass

Younger Son, A/K/A Number Five

Taylor was born the day our fence was blown down by a fierce autumn chinook in December, 1995.
Our little 1200-square-foot house was too cozy, so we relocated a few months later to a different neighborhood.
Our next house was palatial by comparison, at 2800 square feet, although it wouldn't be long before it too was
no longer big enough for the seven of us. But that's another story...

Stubborn boy. Didn't want to breathe.
Newborn Boy
Cheyenne, 1995

Stick a onesy on his head. It wakes him up.
Makin' faces is fun
May, 1996

Where's the Draino!? Fredricksburg, Texas
Discovering plumbing,
Texas - 1996

I can feed myself! A picnic at Vedauwoo, September 1997
Forgot the wipes!
Picnic - 1997

Just need some Dad time right now. Camping, August, 1998
Great Smokey Mtns,
North Carolina, 1998

This boy learned to crawl at his own pace, then to walk, following in the foot steps of his older brother.
In fact, they became quite inseparable. Taylor actually aquired his nickname from his big brother,
who named him "Bub." We always figured it was a toddler-form of "brother." Just a wild guess.

Doesn't this have a wangy bar??
Daddy's Mandarin
6 December 1997

Y'know, it's always 32 Farenheit in here!
Snow caving
March, 2003

Trenton can't come out now, he's sleeping...
Still snow caving,
April, 2003

Oh Yeah. It's cold outside.
Hold the bus!
12 December 2007

Taylor usually repeated his brother, so the sounds that emanated from their conversations usually
sounded akin to a deep-voiced toddler/scientist (Eli) & his most-agreeable parrot-like assistant (Taylor).
On one very infamous day, the boy-scientists, working literally side-by-side with the Hersheys between
the two of them, dribbled the entire 16-ounce bottle of chocolate syrup all over the new berber carpeting
in the living room. And on the basement stairs. And in the basement family room.

We're going four-wheeling with this U-haul?? YEEE-haww!
Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas
Road Trip, 2007

Bubble fight at a wedding!
Sharp-dressed boy,
Nebraska, 2007

It's Sharkey's night tonight
Rockin' til you're red,
Christmas, 2007

Taylor has become a cartoonist, and has invented characters, such as Sewer Man,
and Stupid Squirrel, and at times can be sublimely prolific with his production work ( !!! ).
Along with teaching himself to play the guitar, he learned how to produce videos. In his high school
years, he has been working with fellow students at Thunderbird TV (TBTV), broadcasting on closed-
circuit at East High. Art work seems to really be his favorite thing.

Jumping with his shadow!
Taylor on the fly
Breckenridge, 2009

Air time in the terrain park! What a nut!
Beaver Creek,
Spring Break '09

He's either gotten baptized by his brother or water boarded... Still, he's smiling.
Praise the Lord,
Sweet Air!

Says he likes to fly...
Speaking of air...
January, 2010

Like his mom, brother & sisters, he loves to snowboard, and he is keen on accumulating air time.
In the Autumn of 2009, he joined his school's wrestling team, but his season was cut short by
an unfortunate concussion. The most he's wrestled since then are ripe jack-o-lanterns.

Camera... what's he doing with that camera...
Not awake yet
21 January 2010

This was beyond Inspiration Point, in Cascade Canyon
Sketching Tetons,
22 August 2010

15th Birthday Party!
Party on, Bub
10 December 2010

High speed jump
7 January 2011

Conga Meister (Quicktime phone video)
Wedding Conga
11 June 2011

Like his brother, he has more than dabbled in climbing with his dad, preferring rock to
slogging great distances in the mountains. In the dry winter of 2012, Spring Break was
marked by scant snow conditions, so he and his brother tried tandem paragliding. (AUGH!)

Descent from an attempt on Rockchuck Peak
Teton climbing,
30 June 2011

Let the tall guy do it!
Lighting a tree
26 November 2011

It's a Taurus. From 1999.
Boy & chariot
16 February 2012

Where the work gets done...
Intense labor.
15 March 2012

Tandem glide over the I-70 corridor...
No snow? Go flying!
4 April 2012

In June of 2012, he traveled to Italy with his art teacher and several other high school students.
He came home with a new insight into the Old World and its legacy of great works. I don't think
he minded coming back to the dust and the wind. Wyoming is, after all, his birthplace!

Hey. No life jacket required!
In Venice, Italy
11 June 2012

Long route on Jug Dome called 'Shag'
Jug Dome, Colorado
20 August 2012

Smashy smashy. Makes people wonder aboutcha...
TBTV Project
23 October 2012

Doin' his larnin'
Lost in a book
12 November 2012

We do this lab specimens, too!
It's a profile icon!
30 August 2013


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