Kara Willcox née Cameron

Venison Stew Venison Jerky Venison Au Gratin Venison Pate

When I first met Kara, she had just turned four, and she had a funny, croaky little voice.
And she was very shy. And she always referred to groups of females as "womans."
She told her mother it was because she couldn't say "girls,"
(she wasn't pronouncing the consonant "R" at the time).

Alissa's 'tiny baby'

Baby Girl

Not quite one year old yet

With sisters

Havin' a little snack!


Somebody loves cake!

Party treat

Kara Versus the Sprinklers


You've got to love the things kids say, and the way they say say them.
She couldn't say her "R's," it's true. Her young mother, however, was so concerned
about the sound of Kara's voice that she consulted the doctor about it.

"That's her voice, Alissa," he assured her. And a fine little growl it was.
In contrast, she had a gentle heart. She loved to caress our faces, little animals, dolls,
all that kind of stuff. She would cry at the drop of a hat, or the wrinkle of an eyebrow.

We had a bunny rabbit back in 1995, that the girls had named "Buster." Great name for
a rabbit, especially when Kara said it. We used to let him out of his hutch to roam free around the fenced-in
back yard. Upon returning from a family camping trip in August, Kara hurried to greet Buster, who, along
with my bad-tempered dog, we'd left in the care of relatives here at the house. Alissa & I were unloading
the van, when Kara came in from the porch, eyes filled with puddles of tears. I could hardly understand
what she was saying, except that Buster probably had met a nasty demise while we were away.
Probably by my dog, or by my mother-in-law's dog. Anyway, Alissa comforted her tiny baby's heartbreak
while I continued unloading the vehicle. That magic touch. Younger sister Jenna was unaware
of the drama. I overheard a placated Kara, her gravelly voice informing Jenna matter-of-factly:

"Jenna. Bustew's dead. His head came off."

Jenna, being much different and a year younger than Kara,
shrugged her shoulders and continued twirling in place, or something like that.

First Grade school picture


Growing new toofers!

Shy and Toothless

Serious team player!

"Frisbee Kill,"
August 1999

Where butterflies are mostly free...

Butterfly Pavillion
Denver, 1999

She was horrified to be photographed playing the piano!

Piano practice
October, 2000

Besides being everybody's secret admirer,
Kara is the daughter who always wanted to look after younger siblings and cousins.
For a time she enjoyed collecting beanie babies with her sister Jenna. At around age nine,
she began playing the piano. It was painful for me to watch her at her first recital, because
I could see she was tortured by her bashfulness. She got through it just fine, but I was a wreck!

This was about the same time she felt a need to wear glasses. To this day, I am not certain that she
actually needs them to see (like I do), or if they're only a little bit necessary for reading (like her mother's),
or if they're merely an accessory to be changed every six months (like her mother's)!

Hey, Four-eyes!

New Specs!
October, 2000

Family photo by Kendra Freeman

At Vedauwoo
with Abner, 2001

At play in the California desert, Panamint Range

Death Valley,
Nov., 2001

With Great-grandmother Bubba

Visiting Bubba,
Pasadena, Texas '04

Number One Bagwell fan... (today)...

A fave shirt
for 2005

Kara, with Jenna, made a couple of summertime flights to Texas to visit Moose, Papa and all the other
family down there for a couple of summers in a row. The next thing we knew, she was driving. Wondering
how we had suddenly come to this time of our lives... well, that happens every day now. I am grateful for these days.
A few times in recent years, they have very nearly changed for the worse.

When we were looking for a car for Kara to learn to drive,
I went to the owner of our local Cowboy Dodge,
and I told Patty I wanted a tank.

"Must be for one of the girls," she smiled. She found us a clean, used '97 GMC Jimmy for next to nothin'.

One day on the way to school, the Jimmy met an immovable object head-on whilst sliding on the icy roadway.
SMACK! Got lucky there: Kara only bloodied her nose on the steering wheel, and had some bruises from the seatbelt.
Since I was only carrying liability on the vehicle, and in Wyoming, you really do need a car to get to school and to work,
I had to learn about structural & body work. I had it ready to drive
by the end of April. Part of the frame was now lumber, so I told Kara
to be cautious with the jimmy-rigged Jimmy. And she was more careful. In 2008, she graduated from
East High, and became an official U.S. Taxpayer, a bonafide working girl.

Dogsitting Abner, Amos and Louie at camp

At Rob Roy,
16 July, 2006

Why I told Cowboy Dodge I wanted a 'tank...'

Jimmy crashed
27 February, '07

'Liability Only' means I fix it myself. Ugh.

Jimmy rebuilt
28 April, '07

Alissa & Kara off to see Rod Stewart

The Mod One
beckons. Spring, '07

At her High School graduation party

Class of 2008,
May 10th

Early that summer, Kara was driving a one-way street downtown on the way to work,
and someone pulled out right in front of her without yielding... SMACK! That was it for Ol' Jimmy.
Alissa says the car was cursed, best to be rid of it anyway. We were just glad that Kara was okay.

She found a good deal on a 2007 Toyota Yaris, for which I had my doubts. I checked the excellent crash ratings,
took a deep breath, and cosigned on the dotted line with her on her first major purchase. With its standard 'tranny,'
she had to learn to shift gears, which she hated at first, but she got to be pretty good at it.

One night while I was at work, a 'Trauma Respond' alert was called overhead,
so I headed to the E.R. and waited with all the other staff for
the ambulances to appear. We always say to each other how we hope it isn't anyone
we know. So the first bundled-up, backboarded, collared victim they brought in was our kid, Kara.
God is Love, she was uninjured. A drunken driver had pulled out in front of her while she was driving on
the two-lane U.S. highway and SMACK! She went from 55 MPH to Zero in an instant. The front of
the Yaris was demolished, and the two intoxicated people in the other vehicle were seriously injured.
They didn't even stop at their stop sign. We are so lucky.

40 MPG and a 5-star crash rating? YES!

The Yaris,
27 September, '08

Going to 'Phantom of the Opera.' Rowlll...

6 March, '09

The only person to walk away from this accident was my kid.

The Yaris. Good car.
11 May, '09

Baseball fans...

Mike & Kara
Summer, 2009

Kara bought another car (by the way, the drunk driver was on a suspended license and had NO insurance),
but I'm not taking a picture of it, or even saying what it is. I don't want to jinx her!

Happy birthday to you...

Taylor, Kara & Eli
on her birthday!

Cake for 'Bullseye...'

20th Birthday!
She likes cake!

Kara & Herman the heavy-horned deer

17 October, 2009

Kara & Mike and the googly-eye moment

She said 'Yes!'
30 April, 2010

Sparkle, sparkle

The Engagement Ring
30 April, 2010

In April 2010, Mike asked Kara to marry him, and she said "Yes!"
Next thing we knew, she & Mike decided to relocate to Boise, Idaho.
They said something about, ohhh, some college football team
being sooo kewl, or something like that. And attending Boise State!
Then they adopted a miniature wiener dog named Edgar... Kids!

I'm just resting my eyes...

Edgar dreaming of
pure pork sausage
2 September 2010

In a Hall of Heroes

Mike & Kara, and
old airplanes, Boise
5 September 2010

Tall, dark shadow... hahaha

Edgar the Wiener dog
putting on a show
30 September 2010

Okay, they've been married since 11 June 2011. That means
they get their own life, and their own "extended family" webpage!


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