Jenna Cameron

I KNEW I couldn't trust you with that camera. I KNEW I couldn't trust you with that camera. I KNEW I couldn't trust you with that camera. I KNEW I couldn't trust you with that camera.


It isn't hard to describe the way Jenna was when I met her. Hyperactivity Incarnate.
Here she was, at 2 years old, like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character, but very sweet.
She was pretty good at making up new words too, such as "Ferhaps," ("perhaps").
Like most two-year-olds, she would go, go, go at full throttle all day, then crash like
a meteorite at bedtime. Her kinetic tendencies were a great source of wonder and entertainment.
She was the first kid I ever saw who could trip over a tree root on a trail hike
and take a ten-foot digger without a bounce. Amazing.

She still believes in the Easter Bunny... 20 April, 2003
Still believes in
the Easter Bunny
20 April 2003

Supersonic sparkler girl!
Stay back!!
She's armed!!
4 July 1995

Sugar Bowl Raiders!
With Kara...
Got sugar?
February 1996

Extra-credit snack
With Kyle at
27 November 2010

We thought of her as our "boy," or at least the closest thing we had to one,
until her little brother came along. You could see that she suddenly realized
she wasn't the baby anymore, and it sort of united the girls into a group.
By the time a second brother came along, she was all done with
that "Taz thing," had started school and joined her sisters in lofty academic pursuits,
a-hem! But then, folks say that girls mature faster than boys.

He's homely, but he loves you unconditionally!
Jenna & Amos
makin' cuddles
30 December 2007

I owe money! Whoo-hoo!
Heading to Class
in her Saturn
26 September 2008

After a day of 'boarding...
Snappy Dresser!
Breck, Colorado
January 2009

Stay Back!!! She's armed!!!
Truly, she flies!
Breck, Colorado
January 2009

It seems Jenna has always had a curiosity to explore what she doesn't know.
For instance, she joined Junior ROTC in high school for a year, which surprised us
in a good way. Industrious & hard-working, I believe I would hire her myself if she
weren't so all-fire determined to be the C.E.O.... and my wife already assumes that position.

The picture is as skinny as the girls!
With Ashley
Prom night

Git nutty!
Prom CRAZY!!

She was enjoying the walk!
East High
30 May 2009

On to the next exploration!
The Graduate
with Mom & Dad
30 May 2009

On to the next exploration!
80's girls!
31 October 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!
It's my birthday!
19 years old
7 February 2010

She bought and paid for her own car, a 2006 Saturn Ion. It makes us very proud of her.
I should add here, that she is Certified Nursing Assistant. After a 6-month move to Idaho,
she's come back to Cheyenne until she can afford to move to... who knows. Australia?

You asked what she was eating...
Yummy see-food.
Want some?
27 March 2010

The sugar thieves together again!
With Kara before
"The Move"
May, 2010

Sparkler demo... she's an expert, y'know!
Fireworks with
the Family
12 July 2010

Um, I'd say she's still a sugar thief here...
Kyle & Jenna
New Years Eve
31 December 2010

Ashley was Fred & Jenna was Pebbles.
Bedrock Golf
9 August 2011

In town to see 'Les Misérables'
Brown Palace,
Denver, Colorado
2 September 2011

Moving to Boise...
First time out:
Movin' to Idaho
5 September 2011

Mmm. Electronics.
Festival of Light,
Boise, Idaho
10 December 2011

A local apartment in town
Her new place,
in Cheyenne
5 July 2012

Craft Day, with mom & Cousin Megan
Getting ready
for Christmas
16 November 2012

Pool. You know what THAT leads to!
Gotta a new
pool cue!
6 December 2012

Makin' Candy with the girls
Christmas Candy
making at Mom's
7 December 2012

He smells a bit, but he has a heart of gold
Amos & Jenna,
Christmas Eve
24 December 2012

Merry Christmas, Dad!
Christmas Eve
Jenna & Dad
24 December 2012

Soon after this, All 4 animals piled on...
Christmas Morning
with Defective Cat
25 December 2012

P.S. She wrinkles her nose like her mom... when she laughs...


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