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I CAN'T HEARRRR YOU!! Christmas is over. Mom says to get this tree out of her kitchen... Christmas time, havin' some candy!! Probably Homecoming. 2012 Official. Click to enlarge. Boot Camp Graduation, 2015

Our Eldest Son

(Okay. I'm going to blather now...)

Sometimes it's hard to believe he wasn't here with us in the beginning!
This is our first boy in the family, who turned out to look alot like the way
I pictured he would. Resembles his mom's side but acts like his dad. He certainly
is a social creature, and thus being the "people person" that he is, loves people.
Sometimes I wish I had that gift. I wonder how does he do it...

First day home from the hospital!

Barely 24 hours old,
August, 1994

Trampoline tumble! Saved by Mom!

The ball, or the boy?
Summer 1995

Oooh, Daddy says it's time for a Montana baptism!!

Glacier National Park,
August, 1995

What are little boys made of?

It's probably something
nasty! July, 1996

Rope-swing, head-bangers Ball? Wasn't supposed to be!

Brotherly fun in the
garage. December, 1999

Once I saw him tumbling down the stairs in his creeper. I told him to stay away from the stairs.
I don't know what part of my advice couldn't get through that 10-month-old thick (thank God!) skull of his.

Over a number of early years, Eli & Taylor developed a summertime routine of jumping on the trampoline
and making up stories as they jumped. A sort of chatauqua. I tried to witness it personally, but I was always
dismissed whenever I tried to listen in. It was a private affair, just between the two of them.

Eli & Taylor fishing on the Canadian shore, hoping for bass

Canadian shore of Lake Erie,
9 July, 2002

Traversing the Beehive Buttress at Brown's Landing, Blair

Day with Squeak
3 September, 2002


Victory! Sucks to be you! HA!!
Autumn, 2006

Untold wondrous stories here!

Sharing the bounce,
Autumn, 2006

Thanks to his Grampa Merrill, Eli knows about fishing. This has lead numerous adventures
in fishing for myself, such as buying fishing licenses in exotic places like Ontario, Canada...

Look out, DAD!

Fast cruising at Breck
Late November, 2006

Got that contented smile on... ah, snowboarding

'Shaggy's' back
2 April 2007

School's OUT... after today, that is...

Last day of seventh
grade, 4 June, 2008

He says he wants to be a chef...

Eli's Yule Log,
Christmas, 2008

'Got anything in that sack ta EAT???'

Hangin' out at the condo
with Uncle Dan, January, 2009

Another thing Eli really loves, besides video-gaming and all the usual stuff that boys like, is snowboarding.
That is a gift from his uncle Dan & from his mother. He has become quite good at this leisure activity.


Done turned into a teenager!
Breckenridge, January, 2009

Hard labor on the fire pit revision

Revising the pit,
13 June 2009

Well don't just stare at 'em. BLOW!!

15th Birthday,
24 August 2009

You're a man now, My Son.

26 December 2009

Nice jump!

Beaver Creek,
1 April 2010

For a time, Eli was a chess maniac. He loved to play a match with you. He'd probably win, the little rat. Then,
the X-Box emerged. During leisure time, this is a common focal point for his generation. His physical activity,
above all the others, is dominated by wrestling. Starting in Junior High, he has consistently sought the self-
reliance and intimate struggle of this sport. He has a natural athletic ability, and he works hard to improve it.

This route was too easy for him...

At Vedauwoo
29 June 2010

Driving ordeals with Dad

Driving lessons
7 March 2010

Reading Calvin & Hobbs with Taylor, the Tetons

16 tomorrow,
23 August 2010

On 'Bulgaria,' Old Folks Wall, Vedauwoo

At Vedauwoo,
18 September 2010

Man. That's some school spirit!

T-bird Eli,
24 September 2010

When there was no wrestling or football practice, he would shoulder a pack full of hardware and
go climbing. It's good to have young people in the cadre. Even my fellow, old-fart regular climbing
partners agree. We call Eli's kind rope guns.

Flight. Sublime air time.

Breckenridge air,
4 January 2011

'Dad. You made a serious error in having us leave our crampons below.'

Eli's insight,
30 June 2011

High up in the Tetons

High on Rockchuck Pk.
30 June 2011

Putting up mom's hammock

At Mom's request,
21 July 2011

Cheyenne East JV  vs Laramie JV

Defense! JV Football
5 October 2011

During his Senior year of high school, he would come home for
his free period. That was the deep voice reverberating in the kitchen...

Championship win at Charlie Lake, Cheyenne

Charlie Lake Invite
10 December 2011

Placed fourth in his weight class

Cheyenne Tourney
15 January 2012

If you have crappy 'boarding conditions, go jump off a cliff!

Gliding tandem,
4 April 2012

Halfway down off of Holy Saturday at Vedauwoo

Hot day, Vedauwoo
5 August 2012

Eli's wearing his letter jacket, with his wrestling letter

Handsome guy,
5 October 2012

If the World is your oyster, then maybe you should hang it on a nice gold chain
and give it to your mom. Unless you're gonna make an earring out of it...

Which he would probably give to his Mom...

If you're gonna tell a story, tell it with great passion!

Eli & brother Taylor
25 December 2012

It's a natural laxative!

30 January 2013

Just another Senior moment!

Poker & stogies,
26 April 2013

Taylor & Eli digging out

Brotherly Love
1 May 2013

New Window will Open

East High Grad!
1 June 2013

After graduation from East High School, Eli decided to move to Mesa, Arizona with
a few of his buddies. They lived in a one-bedroom apartment for about a year. His friends were
pursuing technical certificates. Eli worked fulltime during this period. We didn't know that he
was in contact with military recruiters... he was deciding between joining the Marines or the Navy.

Cruisin' with Bentley

Flying nephew
15 September 2013

Striking out on his own

Road to Arizona
16 September 2013

Ho ho ho. Green midget.

Christmas Solo
25 December 2013

Our Hero, Bray Fart

Raise some Hell!
23 March 2014

Returned from Arizona...

Hangin' with Mom
7 May 2014

Eli returned to Cheyenne in May, and soon after he told us he was joining the Navy.
He had us in suspense when he had assembled us into the kitchen that day.

The whole famn Damily

28 May 2014

Brothers & Sisters

Family portrait
30 May 2014

Eli & the animals...

Eli & pets
24 June 2014

Working the hog pit

Grampa's hog pit
28 June 2014


Team Fireworks...
4 July 2014

He left for boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois on December 9th. This was his
second Christmas away from the family. We were invited to graduation at Recruit Training Command
Great Lakes for the big day on the 6th of February, 2015. He could only invite three of us, and the
rest of the family watched the live feed online that crisp, clear morning. He should be proud of himself.

The whole famn Damily

On "Tunnel Vision"
20 July 2014

Brothers & Sisters

Family farewell
7 December 2014

Eli & the animals...

Shipping out
9 December 2014

With Mom at RTF Great Lakes

A Sailor now!
6 February 2015

Ah. Sweet Liberty... for 5 hours!

Liberty. Great Lakes.
6 February 2015

We certainly are proud of him!


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