Brianna Figueroa

Pittsburgh! Austin! You never know what's next... (Check back later)

Birthday Girl & mom Alissa

One Year Old!
Mom & Brianna

Cool shades, Yo!

Diggin' shades
Birthday #4

Autumn 1995, relaxing after Roller Derby practice?!

Knee bandages
prevent warts...

Autumn 1995, Uh-oh, I think she means it!

...and bare teeth
prevent cooties!
Also 1995

Summer gig during Cheyenne Frontier Days, with dance buddy Chelsea

Old Fashioned
July, 2004

Brianna is our first child. She's 26, pretty dang smart, and now she's off to seek her fortune.
She grew up here in Cheyenne. Spent four years in Laramie earning a BFA at University of Wyoming.
Did I also mention she spent a semester in London, England? For some reason, Wanderlust took her
to Pennsylvania. After experiencing the 'Hood in Pittsburgh for two-and-a-half years, She and Josh
have relocated to the capitol of Texas. She's currently completing her Masters degree.

Dog's got a face only a mother could love, eh?

without Amos,
October 2006

Quite good, and not just because I say so...

Walking on air:
in performance
May 2007

Stopping by the Tetons. I'm jealous!

In transit:
behold the Tetons
May 2007

All growed up and exploring Pennsylvania!

New digs in the land
of Three Rivers.
July, 2008

Would you believe me if I toldja a story, like this?
One that has her rollin' into a brand new town Back East
with $15 in her pocket, a hole in her flip-flops, and nothin' else but
a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye? Well, wouldja??

Nahhh, I didn't think so.
Aw, you should never ruin a good story with the truth.
Well, the part about the spring and the sparkle, that's true.

Cell phone image from Back East. 5 October, 2008

A picture from outer space (Pittsburgh)
of Brianna & her 2008 Yaris,
parked on the street where she lives.

Touring Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Josh & Brianna in
November, 2008

Brianna & her wheels in person, Philadelphia, PA

Brianna in the City of
Big Brotherly Parking,
November, 2008

A cosmopolitan couple on the stroll!

Brianna & Josh,
in Philadelphia
November, 2008

From the time she was a little kid, Brianna tended toward Absolute Perfectionism.
She once nearly frost-nipped her fingers and toes shoveling snow for me, so I wouldn't have to.
Good thing she didn't lose her toes. She needed them for Point.

Brianna's & Josh's Christmas tree, via cellphone

O Tannenbaum:
girl's got the Spirit
16 December, 2008

Team POTO, blossoming in the lobby

With Mom, Gramma,
and her sisters,
6 March 2009

This was a surprise visit for Alissa

At Phantom of the Opera
in Denver, Colorado
6 March 2009

Well. If they thought it got hot in Pittsburgh, they'll have a new
appreciation for "hot" now that they're on Texas' Colorado River...

At the frisbee golf course.

Josh & Brianna, at sunset
in Pittsburgh. 15 August 2009

I stole this from Facebook!

Awesome portrait.
circa October 2010

New plates, new inspection sticker, new bullet hole...

"It's official," she said
6 August 2011

Springtime in the Hill Country

Texas Bluebonnets
25 March 2012

Hither goest I, in search of my destiny...

Josh dressed for bear
11 November 2012

O Tannenbaum...

The holiday spirit!
24 November 2012

Keep yer tootsies warm

Christmas visit
23 December 2012

Here's a link to an old writing
from more than fifteen years ago, about her pluck and
tolerance, post-holing up a snow-laden New Mexico volcano
with Yours Truly. She was only eleven years old at the time.

Click for the story!
Capulin Mountain:
tale of a wintery volcano
climb from November 1997


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