Bentley Boykin: Extended Clan

Mike & Kara Willcox

Pictures from June, 2013

What's the best anniversary gift you can think of?

Mike & Kara's family grew to three on the 11th!
Three people, that is. Good dog, Edgar!

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Kara and newborn
Bentley Noel Willcox

11 June 2013

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Fancy portraits
by a professional

12 June 2013

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The First

13 June 2013

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No time for
sleeping, folks!

14 June 2013

Grumpy (that's me) arrived in Boise on the 20th.
I guess Kara would say that having Bentley was
the only way to get me to visit them at their home!

It looks pretty good, don't it?
Put this in yer
mush & taste it!
16 June 2013

Is that gas, or are you happy to see me?
Smile! Someone's
quick on the draw
20 June 2013

Is that gas, or are you happy to see me?
Who's Grumpy!?
A granddad arrives
20 June 2013

I'm gonna have you to pull my finger...
Schemes unfold in
the codger's head
20 June 2013

Hello, Future of the World
Mike & Bentley,
it's Face Time!
21 June 2013

Not only was their son delivered in June;
so were their bachelor's degrees from Boise State!

I think we're gonna take alot of photos like this one...
We are the
Willcox Family
21 June 2013

Long is the road they have traveled so far...
Our Bachelor's degrees
have also arrived
21 June 2013

His face seems to say 'NOT the Mama!'
The boy looks a
bit suspicious...
21 June 2013

The wonderful smells of a new baby
A Grumpy trick
for a fussy boy
21 June 2013

Even with his wounded shoulder, Mike's doing it well!
Mike & Bentley,
morning routine
22 June 2013

Kara & Mike live in a nice neighborhood surrounded by many "green spaces."
We took a stroll through a little park nearby where Mike had been previously ticketed
for letting his oh-so-vicious miniature dachsund off the leash. Let him loose again!

Lemme tellya what we're gonna do, son...
... We'll go hunting...
... and go fishing...
22 June 2013

And this is only the beginning
And we'll go mountain
biking, and hiking...
22 June 2013

Oops. Back-pedaling for now!
Oh. The biking.
Don't mention that yet.
22 June 2013

It's not a carriage. It's a HumVee!
Out for some
fresh Idaho air
22 June 2013

Mike AND Edgar, unleashed
Strolling the park
with Kara & Alissa
22 June 2013

Kara & Mike asked for help making ink prints of Bentley's hands & feet.
I didn't want to get hurt, so I grabbed the camera and stayed well back.

They said it couldn't be done...
It takes 3 adults
to foot-print him!
22 June 2013

Ohhh. He didn't like THAT!
A newborn trophy:
they'll only get bigger
22 June 2013

Bright Lights... Big city...
Watching sunbeams
off Grumpy's noggin?
22 June 2013

Thinks:'Not the Mama...'
Learning English
from the Mumbler
22 June 2013

Thinks: 'But it's so warm in my britches...'
Makin' some nice,
warm Obama dolls...
23 June 2013

Merrill & Karen were passing through Boise on a extensive road trip
If I didn't know Kara's Gramma to be so verbose normally, I'd have to
say that she was speaking in nonsequitor tongues when she saw Bentley!

One GGma on his mother's side...
Great Gramma Freeman
beholds the little one
23 June 2013

Get it when you can!
Bentley's rocked his
ol' Grumpy to sleep
23 June 2013

Good morning!
Mom glides down
the stairs with Bentley
24 June 2013

Yep. He's the 1st!
She didn't say alot,
which spoke volumes...
24 June 2013

The obligatory, uberglorious 4-Generations photo
Eldest, Youngest,
Elder & Youth
24 June 2013

We did some "Four Generations" pictures with (a few of) the great-grandparents,
since it might be a rare occurence that we'd all be in one place at the same time.

Grammy scheming aloud
Thinks: "Bet he'd fit
in my purse..."

24 June 2013

Another 4-Generations picture!
This time with the
ladies, wee man-child!
24 June 2013

Contentment from many sources...
Nothing quite as nice
as a smiling baby
24 June 2013

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Our house
in Boise, Idaho

24 June 2013

Alissa's getting all she can before she gets dragged away...
Woeful farewells
are about to begin
24 June 2013

Grammy & Grumpy had to get back to Wyoming on this day.
It made us so happy to see them making this brand new start!

The whole famn damily
Kara & Mike with
their household
24 June 2013

I had to savor the moment...
The slowest goodbye
kisses in history
24 June 2013

Contact. Get on with it, Grumpy!
We will see
you all soon!
24 June 2013

Get on the road, ya old fart...
Thought she'd cry.
Well, I sure did.
24 June 2013

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