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Climbing Partners


Messing with gear, 2009. Photo by R. Kelman

Greg is my regular partner these days. In fact, he is so very regular that it makes me envious.
Famous for his cushioned camping style, not to mention his preference for fine victuals,
you will never see him putting one single ramen noodle in his mouth.

On Soler with Jimmy

Leading Soler,
Devil's Tower
29 May 1998

Exploring Brown's Landing, before going to the war

Before the war,
Brown's Landing
10 October, 2001

Spotting Eli at Brown's Landing

Spotting Eli,
Brown's Landing
3 September 2002

No kids, just us...

Brown's Landing
4 September 2002

'Theater of Shadows' at City of Rocks, Idaho

On Jackson's Thumb
City of Rocks, Idaho
14 September, 2003

We started climbing together in 1997, back when he was selling climbing gear here in
Cheyenne. He had taken out an add in the local newspaper, inviting anyone who was interested
to join in a climbing club. When we spoke on the telephone, it turned out that he is married to
one of my fellow Central High graduates! And so the world became a little bit smaller.

The start of this route has a slabby character...

Baobab Tree,
18 June 2004

Choke that chicken

Chokin' the chicken,
Sylvan Lake, SD
3 June 2006

Swoosh swoosh

Don't be grimey.
Sylvan Lake, SD
3 June 2006

Unknown sport route, Golden, Colorado

North Table Mtn
Golden, Colorado
March, 2007

I'm gonna Vroom now.

Mounting Olive,
at my house,
20 April 2008

Greg excels in face climbing, although when the need arises, he will certainly clamber his way
up any crack. He has a sick determination sometimes, sick enough to run a route out with no
protection whatsoever when it is absolutely necessary... like when the sun is going down!

Vroom vroom

On Olive,
out & about,
20 April 2008

Definitely in his element: pawing at steep slabs. Photo by Rob Kelman

On Coldfinger,
at Vedauwoo
22 June 2009

Some uncharacteristically slimey limestone climbing in Europe

Race to the top
at Garraf, Spain
8 June 2010

European-style sport climbing in Nuevo Mexico

Clipping bolts at Las
Conchas, New Mexico
16 October 2011

Somewhere near Lyons, Colorado

South St. Vrain,
Lyons, Colorado
16 March 2012

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