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Climbing Partners

Jeb Steward

He's a cowboy... he's a farmer... he's a caver... he's a climber...
and a one-time Wyoming state representative. Coulda been a physicist...

Once you're up, you gotta get down...

Rappelling from the
Nautilus, Vedauwoo
August, 2001

Photo by Lorraine Okun

Going for a swim
in the Tetons,
4 July 2000

The stomping ground back home...

Jeb out around
Baggot Rocks
Autumn, 1999

Funny. Doesn't seem that long ago...

Climbing Pingora,
Wind River Range
6 September 1996

I met Jeb back in 1992, and occasionally have climbed with him,
mostly on his home turf, which always was, and continues to be
quite a few out-of-the-way places. Not that he doesn't visit a crowded
place like Vedauwoo, or Saint Maarten (more accurately, Saba)!
He has a strong, steady manner of climbing, kind of like the way he lives.

'Did you hear that hummingbird?'

At Riverbend Crags,
Hummingbird Tower
28 July 1996

High on the Lamb, Six Mile Gap

Jeb on 'The Lamb,'
Six Mile Gap
15 June 1996

It's a nice spot to belay... even now...

Belaying on
Hallett Peak
8 February 1995

One of Jeb's many routes at Baggot Rocks

First ascent of
"The Right Arm"
29 October 1994

If you want information on the routes at, or access to, Baggot Rocks, or the
secret places of RemoteAmerica he likes to visit, you'll have to talk with him directly...

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