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Climbing Partners


'Harris atop Adams, second highest summit in Washington state

Harris at 12,281 ft
Mt Adams, Wa.
12 July 2004

On Atlantic Peak, The Mosquito Range, Colorado

Atlantic Peak
in full conditions,
15 April, 2003

High on Paiute Peak, Colorado

Paiute Peak,
Indian Peaks, Co.
May 2002

Just below the summit of Iliniza Norte

On Iliniza Norte,
at about 16,000 ft.,
6 December, 2001

Also known as Santa Fe Baldy?

Lake Peak in
New Mexico
4 February 2007

Steve's winter climb with Todd, I think

Lake Peak
12,409 feet
4 February 2007

Ah. The summit!

Steve on top, with
fading daylight
4 February 2007

Sangre de Cristo range of Northern New Mexico

Highest southernmost
peak in the Sangre's
4 February 2007

They had to make their way down by the light of a cell phone.

Steve's partner
on Lake Peak
4 February 2007

Back when I was the bass player for the local Houston band, The Noodles in the 1980's,
Steve was dating our accountant, Lorraine. They married for a time, and in that time, I climbed with Steve.
In fact, I became one of his contract photographers, and thus, was able to go to Ecuador
in 2001 for a climbing trip. I would not have been able to return to the Andes so soon if it hadn't been
for Steve's insatiable desire for high altitude mountaineering pursuits. He is a true 'fun hog,' and will stop
at nothing to realize his dreams. He wanted to climb Chimborazo, but I convinced him to stop at Cotopaxi
on our trip in 2001, because of what Kevin and I had nearly suffered in 1993 (death by avalanche).

Gisele & Steve in a warm embrace!

Gisele and Steve
at 55 feet a.s.l.


Little Sherrif and
Big Daddy

High on Mount Harris, Houston

Future webmaster
hard at work

Looks like a special event to ME!

The Harris' are here.
Cue the band

Archer, Sherrif, Gisele & Steve

A Steve & Gisele
Christmas card

Take your kids everywhere!

Sherrif and Archer
with Big Daddy

Some bunny loves some bunny!

Easter treats
for the Harris'

Photo by Gisele

Touring Napa

We have been on numerous trips together since then, all in the American Rockies. Paiute Peak, Longs Peak,
Atlantic Peak, and many others... Steve and I have been in numerous tight spots since then.
He's always shown me a good time, despite the outcome. Besides, he's a published photographer,
and is available on the world wide web at

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Costa Rica
Surf & Smurf

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Archer's 2nd
Birthday !

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Sunset in
Costa Rica

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