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Climbing Partners

Jed Flanagan

Jed taking his turn on a now-forbidden route, Casper Mountain, Autumn, 1991

Bright Lights,
Big City
Casper Mtn., WY
Autumn, 1991

Jared with my grumpy old dog, base of Parmenter's wall, Casper Mtn

Tolerate the dog.
Jed & Mischa.
Casper Mtn.,
October, 1991

Can't avoid a dreaded 'butt shot' when there are only two of you!

Red October,
2nd ascent, Casper
Mtn., 1991

Jed following a vicious 5.8 route at the Dome complex, central Wyoming.

On Jaws,
at the Dome
near Casper.
Summer, 1991

I haven't seen Jared since about the Spring of 1992. I hear tell
he moved to Henderson, Nevada after he injured his back in a fall at his
beloved Red Rocks near Las Vegas.

Jared & I went to nursing school together from 1990 to 1992. He was originally from
Rawlins, and he was very proud of that fact. He was a driven man in those days. In fact,
sometimes he was overwhelming. I never could get away with copping a rest on any route when I
climbed with him.

He has climbed the difficult Cassin route on the South Face of Denali, amongst other things.
He had also been on Mt Rainier's Liberty Ridge, and unfortunately, most of the people he
used to climb with are deceased. I only say that because it is a testament to the kind of
commitment he put into his climbing endeavors. I believe that he took things down in difficulty
a peg or two when he was climbing with me.

True to his 'full commitment' nature, when he moved to Nevada after completing his nursing degree,
he sought work in an altogether different field much more tenuous than I could comprehend:
investment banking. I still haven't heard from him, how he has done in his intended pursuit.
I can only assume he did well, because he never came back to Wyoming with his tail tucked between his legs!

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