Clingman's Dome

6643 feet - 2025 meters

Summit: 13 August 1997

Great Smokey Mountains

I have sort of a long history with Clingman's Dome. My dad took me up this
Appalachian high point in the early 1970's, and, sweeping his hand in a wide arc,
presented a 100-mile view of the Smokey Mountains and two, maybe three of these United States
before my youthful, impressionable eyes. It was an everlasting moment I will never forget.

Jenna in the summit fog
Jenna making her way
to the summit
13 August 1997

Kinda foggy this day...
Kara wearing my
rain shell jacket
13 August 1997

Rain is nothing but liquid sunshine!
Brianna doesn't mind
a little rain!
13 August 1997

It was a bit the same when Alissa & I brought our kids here in 1997.
We left our campsite on the 13th of August, and drove to the Tennessee / North Carolina
border. Three hundred feet below the summit, I parked the van, and we hiked to the top.
Although it isn't as pristine as, say, a Teton summit, it is a major summit nonetheless. We
gazed across foggy ridges, not knowing the names of a myriad of high points.

If you don't make it a big deal, it ISN'T
Ben & Taylor
on Clingman's Dome
13 August 1997

Whatever you climb, make it good!
Kara & Eli
at 6640 feet
13 August 1997

Don't fall down, little bro'!
Eli clinging to
Clingman's Dome
13 August 1997

Naturally, it reminded me of the past, when I was here with my own parents and my first family.
I could remember my dad's voice, and my mom's side-kick commentary, when they'd brought me
and my sisters here more than twenty-five years before.

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