Mountaineering in Ecuador

1993 & 2001

Emmer some handy Andes! The first time I went to high altitude,
I chose Ecuador in 1993 because it was inexpensive, and because my
partner Kevin agreed to go, mainly because he had heard it would
be cheap! Compared to places like Nepal & India, it still is.

The second time, with Steve Harris in 2001, I went because
I knew it was inexpensive, and Steve went because I'd told him it
would be cheap! At the time, one could say I was working per diem
for SH Photography, and was at this time on assignment. Thus, climbing
was per se a business expense. Still, I paid taxes I shouldn't have had to!

Okay, so, here are some pictures until I get the stories up...

La Rampa & up the rock headwall to El Hongo

On Iliniza Sur
(17,267 ft - 5263 m)
1 November 1993

The Whymper to the Standard, & the Escape

On Chimborazo
(20,703 ft - 6310 m)
9 November 1993

One of the most-climbed mountains in the Americas

(19,347 ft - 5897 m)
15 November 1993


Iliniza Norte
(16,818 ft - 5126 m)
6 December 2001

Fun Hogs on Ice

(19,347 ft - 5897 m)
9 December 2001

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