Ice Climbing

Wind River Canyon (forbidden)

Shoshoni, Wyoming

Photo courtesy of Shiras Rajendran

Wind River Canyon
by Shiras Rajendran
in May, 2006

Jonathan Green's photo of Wind River Canyon in January, 2008

Winter in the canyon,
by Jonathan Green
20 January, 2008
Photos from Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Wind River Canyon encloses the Wind River
on the Wind River Indian Reservation along U. S. Highway 20
between Shoshoni (pronounced "sho-SHO-nee") and Thermopolis,
Wyoming. Just north of Boysen Reservoir, there are four waterfalls
that freeze into climbable features during the winter. The only problem is,
these potential climbs are off-limits. If the Tribal Police see you up there,
chances are pretty good that you will be apprehended, or fined, and
have your gear confiscated. So don't take that chance.

Big, fat & forbidden

Pat called this one
"That gulley on the left"
5 January, 1991

Ben placing an ice screw...

Ben placing a screw
after breaking a pick,
5 January, 1991

Jones about to rappel

Tom Jones about to
bail off the climb,
5 January, 1991

I got away with it a few times back in the '90's, but I
don't recommend it. This land is their land, not ours.
I am glad I could climb those days, but I wish it was legal.

Somewhat thinner than 11 months before

Pat warms up on
"That gulley on the left"
22 December, 1991

You needed 2 hands to place those screws

Pat placing an old-
style aluminum screw
22 December, 1991

Lowe Snargs & Chouinard screws. The Goodle Days.

Above a tied-off
Snarg, a thin spot.
22 December, 1991

I was always glad when my turn to move came due.

Back in the sun,
Pat topping out.
22 December, 1991

Twas a fine December day

Wind River & Canyon
from the climb's top
22 December, 1991

I think we rappelled from a willow

Over the river
and U.S. 20
22 December, 1991

First guy tests the anchor

Rapping on a
very skinny rope
22 December, 1991

Pat's well-used Chouinard X-tools

Pat's ice axe &
Northwall hammer
22 December, 1991

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for their splendid photos of the canyon.

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