Ice Climbing

South St. Vrain Ice

near Lyons, Colorado

This is a small (100 feet) climb that forms up once in a while. The two times I've
been there I have only seen climbable ice on the uppermost twenty feet.
Erich Bochmann and I thought we'd take a chance and made the long drive from
Cheyenne to Lyons, Colorado. When we got there, we found a smattering
of ice on the lower slabs and the usual "fat" stuff on the upper twenty feet.
Since Erich has a penchant for dulling his tools on mixed routes, he lead
the initial slab. Since he took the risk of leading that, I relinquished
the last thirty feet to him.

We agreed that climbing this little bit was better than not climbing at all.

December 2nd, 2007

Lean conditions

St. Vrain Falls
about half dry.

'I thought you said there'd be more ice here?'

The "Where's my
stuff?" look

St. Vrain Falls, December, 2007

100 feet of slab,
trickle & drip

'You like mixed climbing, dontcha, Erich?'

The "I hope he'll
lead this" look...

Mostly too thin for ice screws...

Erich setting a screw
on the 2nd pitch

Most of the ice  broke away when Erich moved past this spot.

Erich getting
a leg up...

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