Ice Climbing

Mt. Lincoln


One of the fifty-odd fourteen-thousand-foot mountains in Colorado, Mt Lincoln is also a fine ice climbing venue.
The main ice forms from run-off trickling down Lincoln Amphitheater. The broad-set climbing area lies between
11,900 ft and 11,300 ft. Montgomery Reservoir lies at the base of the climbing area. This is a day use area, meaning
if the locals find you bivouacked in the parking lot, they will let you know you aren't supposed to sleep there!
Alot of people climb here! The most appealing thing about Mt Lincoln's ice climbing, besides ease of access,
is the low level of objective danger, especially with regard to avalanche risk. While ice climbing is probably
the riskiest of any form of ascent, Mt Lincoln offers a relatively safe place to experience the screaming barfies.

January 18th, 2003

View from Hoosier Pass, on Colorado State Hwy 9

Mts Bross & Lincoln
from Hoosier Pass.

Detail, Lincoln Amphitheater

Lincoln Amphitheater:
ice is visible left of
the foreground tree.

View from the Lincoln ice

North Star Mountain
from Mt Lincoln's ice.
18 Jan, 2003

Ropes in my belay device. Interesting.

Ben's-eye view
while belaying.
18 Jan, 2003

Stacy Bender following on easier ground.

Stacy nearing the belay
atop the middle route.
18 Jan, 2003

We salute you!

Stacy has finished
the middle route!
18 Jan, 2003

Note about photography:
climbing images above were recorded
with a very cheap digital camera
using 1990's technology...

New Years Eve, 2005/2006

Erich approaching the ice.

There weren't many
climbers out that day.

View of the main falls.

The middle section is
about 300 feet high

Finishing the first pitch

Erich nearing the top
of the first pitch

Lean back. Look heroic.Do it. Do it now.

Erich on the
way, first pitch.

Starting up the headwall

Erich leads the
long headwall pitch.

Nearly on top

He works his way
up the left corner.

Long shot of the entire upper pitch.

Erich way out,
way up there.

Headed for the massive boulder atop the ice.

The anchor boulder
is out of view on top.

A nice easy climb above Newt's Veil

Ben traversing to the
start of another climb.

31 December, 2005
Wide view of the Mt Lincoln ice

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