Casper Ice

Pathfinder Dam

These digital images are from January 2001, when I visited the Casper area
to climb with my friends Pat & Kevin. While we were down on the frozen North Platte,
another talented young climber named Micah, and his partner-du-jour, were also sampling
the excellent ice of this relatively tiny area.

These people are all Casper climbers, which makes them some of the luckiest guys in the area.
Centrally located, Casper is Wyoming's climbing hub, and from here, one can climb anywhere
in the state for wont of a mere half-day's drive.

Here are a number of pictures of Pat Parmenter, Kevin Siebke & even Micah Rush.

01Pat, 29 Kb 02Pat, 19 Kb 03Pat, 23 Kb 04Canyon, 23 Kb 05Pat, 17 Kb

06Pat, 21 Kb 07Canyon, 83 Kb 08Kevin, 37 Kb 09Kevin, 26 Kb 10Kevin, 34 Kb

11Kevin, 23 Kb 12Kevin, 35 Kb 13Kevin, 27 Kb 14Kevin, 43 Kb 15Kevin, 24 Kb

16Kevin, 43 Kb 17Kevin, 19 Kb
2001, E.B.Boykin, Jr.
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