March, 2015

Pictures from March, 2015

The month began with a painting party,
Alissa & a number of ladies from work learning a new craft. The next day,
Alissa helped her friend frost cupcakes for her little son's first birthday party.

Painters of the
6 March 2015

Brittany & Alissa
Brittany & Alissa
frosting cupcakes
7 March 2015

Cuppies for a 1st birthday
It's a minion
of cupcakes!
7 March 2015

A new window will open
Merrill & Karen:
Established 1965
14 March 2015

Alissa's mom & dad celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary
during a long weekend in the middle of March. (Click their image above to see the pictures!)
It was finally getting warm enough to start doing fun stuff outside...

The Easter Egg Game...
Bentley & Grammy:
Easter Egg Game
19 March 2015

Out-fishin' the boys...
Jenna: The
trout whisperer
21 March 2015

When they're this big, you keep 'em!
Jenna & the
catch of the day
21 March 2015

A day outside!
Bentley having
a day outside
28 March 2015

Moving across a sunny slab
Squeak near Lyons,
28 March 2015

The month went by in a flash. Relatively speaking, the weather
was fairly mild for March. Things started to green up a little, then we had a vicious cold snap
that wreaked havoc on the minions of nascent spring buds.

Easter centerpiece
Captive daisies on
an Easter table
29 March 2015

Look out!
Bentley going
30 March 2015

Where's Bentley...
Let's play
"Hide the Punkin"
31 March 2015

Spring Project #18
Testing the fun factor
of a raised bed
31 March 2015

The weather warmed again, just in time for a rainy spring,
the likes of which we hadn't seen since 1995!

As they say, "We need the moisture..."

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