February, 2015

Pictures from February, 2015

We went to Great Lakes, Illinois in February to attend
Eli's graduation from Naval Basic Training.
He invited his mom, her father & I (each recruit
may invite three attendees), and we were honored to be there.

On de plane, de plane
Ben, Alissa and
Lt. Colonel (ret)
4 February 2015

Confluence of big rivers, the Midwest
Platte & Missouri
rivers unite...
4 February 2015

Is 'The Avengers' out yet?
Alissa outside
the movie theater
5 February 2015

Oldest thing here...
Building 1,
built in 1911
5 February 2015

This is the commons
Buildings of
the Commons
5 February 2015

We had avoided the metro area of Chicago by flying in to
Milwaukee, Wisconsin instead. The drive to Great Lakes was equidistant anyhow.

I guess I just like red brick buildings!
February's chill
at Great Lakes
5 February 2015

Beneath the big bell tower...
Foreshortened view
of Building 1
5 February 2015

In the summertime,a parade ground?
The Commons at
N. S. Great Lakes
5 February 2015

Sunset was coming
Building 1 from
the hotel lot
5 February 2015

View from the hotel room on base
Lake Michigan
undulates serenely
5 February 2015

We busied ourselves for a day until the graduation
ceremony on the 6th of February. We didn't see Eli until the big day.
The rest of our family watched the live webcast from the DOD website.

Grandstand selfie!
Attendees from
Wyoming Selfie
6 February 2015

A new window will open
Photo page
of Graduation
6 February 2015

Incidental boarder on the upper left...
Out for a
brief Liberty
6 February 2015

Sailor in his pea coat
Eli Boykin,
US Navy sailor
6 February 2015

In our room at the Gateway Inn
I would say
he is delighted
6 February 2015

After Boot Camp graduation, Eli rode off base with us
for a few hours of liberty. He was slated to leave for his next assignment
that very night, so we did our best to stuff him with as much food as he could
stomach. We enjoyed his company, as brief as our time was with him.

Obligatory Dress Blues photo
E-3 resplendent
in Dress Blues
6 February 2015

No such thing as
bad Navy coffee
6 February 2015

Thread upon thread...
Let the storytelling
begin in earnest
6 February 2015

Always good to hear the voice
Eli & Alissa
chat it up
6 February 2015

Obligatory Goodbye Group Portraits
Goodbye group
photo time
6 February 2015

The time came to take Eli back to the base... the hands
of the clock seemed to run faster and faster. We posed for photographs in the
hotel room, then dropped him off in the dark, cold night where hundreds of other
sailors were saying goodbye to their families. The next morning, Merril, Alissa and I
drove North to Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee for our flights back to the high plains.

Peas in a pod, these two...
Grampa & Eli,
Great Lakes, Illiniois
6 February 2015

Leaving Milwaukee...
Leaving Wisconsin,
on a jet plane
6 February 2015

Childhood Glee!
Bentley at play
at home out back
10 February 2015

Hi, Mom! Hey there, Dad!
Starting the day
in his NWU's
19 February 2015

A few weeks after we returned home, Eli was at his new post,
from which he sent us a selfie, of himself in his Navy Working Uniform.

Happy is the man...

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