January, 2015

Pictures from January, 2015

Soon after the New Year began, the weather
became wickedly cold for about two weeks, then gradually warmed up,
with an occasional blast of Winter. It was weird.

This is at Jenna's & Nate's place
Homeless Amos,
2 January 2015

Ice crystals in the air cause the so-called ice pillars
Home, with ice
pillars in the distance
3 January 2015

Obviously, I was bored...
Incandescent mixed
with LED & moonlight
3 January 2015

Obviously, the rabbits appreciate the lights...
Bunny tracks to
the Willcox home
3 January 2015

Easy. Don't step in the pond.
Pathway to the
back porch in Winter
3 January 2015

Unfortunately for the dog, Amos was ordered out of the house by
our doctor so Alissa could breathe better. He made the rounds for a month amongst every
family household in town. Sad, but necessary. Luckily, the snowboarding trip was coming up...

The obligatory Christmas Lights photo... again...
One last look.
It was COLD!!
3 January 2015

This was a GoPro holiday...
Taylor & Alissa
and... Action!
4 January 2015

Alissa set the camera to take a shot every few seconds
But a few
of hundreds
4 January 2015

Uh... can I go now?
Taylor waits
for the signal
4 January 2015

Alissa & GoPro 'in school'
Taylor makes
for the lift
4 January 2015

Alissa left the "good camera" at home this time and
took only the GoPro©... between the numerous members in their party, they each took turns
wearing the little wonder camera on either chest harness or on helmets. During the week-long trip,
Uncle Dan unfortunately broke his arm, but Alissa topped Peak 8 in the Tenmile Range, and did great!

Sunnier day today!
Taylor ready
to get going
5 January 2015

It was a good day for filming, I guess...
Taylor & Mike
out in front
5 January 2015

Incidental boarder on the upper left...
Kara turning
her way down
5 January 2015

Kara obviously needs to learn to enjoy herself, eh?
Kara & Mike,
a brief rest
5 January 2015

Summit of Peak 8
Alissa & Mike,
12,987 feet!
7 January 2015

Too soon, all too soon, the week of snowboarding was over.
Back to a mundane daily existence... but then we had a great moment of excitement when
a freezing fog happened!... Okay, actually, only my life is mundane enough to be excited about weather...

Bentley happy at the condo...
Got M & M's?
And Skittles!?
7 January 2015

My Exciting Weather!
Rime ice on a
pine bough
13 January 2015

The sun warmed up, and all the ice fell off...
Siberian elm
in mantle...
13 January 2015

Had to be outside to get this one...
Sunlit snow on
a cottonwood
13 January 2015

She finds this stuff all the time...
Stone grinding
wheel & weather
13 January 2015

Taylor decided to move to Laramie instead of living in the dorm
at University of Wyoming... in this way he could keep his dog Amos with him, and Amos would
truly have a home. With Grampa Freeman's help, Alissa & I, along with Taylor's friend Jordan, assisted Taylor
with his big relocation. It turned out to be one of the windiest days ever in memory...

Bed courtesy of EBBoykin Sr
Taylor's bedroom,
Laramie, Wyoming
19 January 2015

Ah! The joys of moving!
Jordan & Taylor,
on Moving Day
19 January 2015

Helping out. Thanks, Mom!
Alissa helps with
some decor...
19 January 2015

Can't you see he's ecstatic?!
Amos & the new
microwave stand
20 January 2015

Cake courtesy of Kara
Surprised with a
birthday Kake!
26 January 2015

As the month tumbled to a close, I had a nice couple of cakes for
my 55th birthday: a fine Jello cake from Alissa, and a professionally-done "Mountain Vista" cake from Kara.

And I put on 3 pounds.

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