December, 2014

Pictures from December, 2014

Starting with the evening of Thanksgiving Day, Alissa drags out
her group of indoor Christmas trees, her decorations and all of her
Kenny G music... and it begins...

The famous White Tree...
The White Tree
in the living room
4 December 2014

A new, improved kitchen tree!
The new, festive
kitchen tree
4 December 2014

Working on the ICU Christmas party placard
Work, work, work:
Christmas party project
4 December 2014

There it is!
ICU Christmas
party placard...
4 December 2014

Jingle all the way...
Djingle Unchained:
Of course, My Deer
4 December 2014

It was also Eli's last week before reporting to Boot Camp.
He and his friends gathered for several nights in a row of gaming and card playing.
It made Alissa & I a little melancholy that his childhood was really, truly over.

A last hurrah before Boot Camp
Meanwhile, the den
becomes a game station
4 December 2014

It was a fruitful moment
Eli & his friends
enjoy their leisure
4 December 2014

You can smell the testosterone...
Bleep. Bleep bleep.
No moms allowed...
4 December 2014

Lookit me, Grammy!
Bentley's new trick,
the little dare-devil
6 December 2014

...and a new face!
Hmmm, he thinks,
maybe I could jump...
6 December 2014

There was a multi-faceted shindig at Gramma & Grampa Freeman's
house to celebrate Alissa's & Taylor's birthdays, and a going-away party for Eli.
His departure date was less than 48 hours away.

Jammies! The spice of Life!
Rollicking around the
gauntlet of grown-ups
7 December 2014

Alright already...
Lovely & talented Kara
mugging for the camera
7 December 2014

Ahh! A vehicle that DOESN'T smell like gasoline on the inside!
Jenna and her new
Hyundai Tucson
7 December 2014

What's she building in there?
Looks like she's
up to something tricky...
7 December 2014

Celebrity guests
Alissa, Jenna, Nate,
& the big blue wall
7 December 2014

Just like in the story "Alice's Restaurant," we had a meal
that couldn't be beat, stories of days gone by, updates about each other, then we retired to
our respective domiciles. Too soon for us, but none-too-soon for Eli, his departure time arrived.

He has this figured out already, folks...
Helping with the dishes.
Stay back. I got this.
7 December 2014

At least I THINK it's a fishing tale...
"... it was yay long,
30 lbs, a real fighter..."
7 December 2014

Door prizes for the Christmas party
Fuzzy snowballs for
the ICU Christmas party
7 December 2014

This was a big hit...
Alissa's White Elephant
Christmas gift...
8 December 2014

Eli's day of departure
Last time making his
bed as a civilian
9 December 2014

Sure was quiet in that kitchen...
Eli & his mom,
morning in the kitchen
9 December 2014

That's Entertainment!
Ahh, Breakfast!
More playtime!
9 December 2014

We were eating Dutch babies...
Mmm. Dutch babies!
Buttery & wholesome!
9 December 2014

There's the door!
Says: "I would just
like to point out..."
9 December 2014

He was counting the minutes...
Can we go now?
We should go. Now!
9 December 2014

Our son-in-law Mike earned his MBA in Energy Management from
the University of Wyoming in December. We were honored to attend the ceremony in Laramie.
Bentley & I exchanged faces in the lobby prior to the commencement...

The classic Grin of Idiot Glee!
Kara, Bentley & Alissa
at UWyo, Laramie
13 December 2014

Original Idiot Glee!
Bouncing facial
expressions around
13 December 2014

Another big day!
Willcox Family in the
lobby at Commencement
13 December 2014

The home stretch
Mike running the
home stretch
13 December 2014

One big handshake...
This is It.
This is really It!
13 December 2014

The Walk of Fame
He's got the whole
world in his hands
13 December 2014

Legacy of He-Man!
Me got! Me got!
13 December 2014

Battle of wills... round & round & round...
Wiggle Time in
the empty lobby
13 December 2014

Such a handsome little young man
Bentley putting on
that happy boy face
13 December 2014

Like Father, Like Son
Where he gets his
impish grin...
13 December 2014

Soon enough, Christmas itself was out from around the corner.
Brianna stopped in for several days, and everyone got together to celebrate.

Nearing the conclusion of his first university semester...
Taylor drops in from
Prexy's Pasture, Laramie
13 December 2014

Looks kinda serious, eh?
Jenna, Brianna & Alissa
gather at the island
21 December 2014

Family from near & far...
Kendra & Chelsea came
home for Christmas
24 December 2014

Bub sharing with Bentley...
Nobody doesn't
like Flarp!
24 December 2014

Ride the blue pony, Dan!
Horseplay with
Uncle Danny
24 December 2014

The table... the costumes! Christmas!
The setting is
most festive today
24 December 2014

Detail of Alissa's personalized place settings
Every one has a
place to sit. Everyone.
24 December 2014

Before the prime rib...
Jalapeño jelly & cream
cheese hors-d'œuvres
24 December 2014

Another invention of Alissa's
Yuletide Sangria,
Spiced & flavorful
24 December 2014

Everything ends with bacon.
A Christmas salute
to Wonderful Bacon.
24 December 2014

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