February, 2014

Pictures from January, 2014

January caught me by surprise...
Not anybody else, though! The annual mountain trip was on...

Kara & Alissa incognito
Riding the lift for
another long run
5 January 2014

Taylor's & my maiden voyage at pizzaria
The experiment:
Pizza Number One
5 January 2014

That's entertainment!
The nose-wrinkle;
Bentley's new trick
6 January 2014

This is the kind of cruise she prefers
Alissa cruisin'
on the corduroy
6 January 2014

Kara & Bentley
I guess he
won a prize!
7 January 2014

Taylor & I held down the fort at home,
experimenting with the pizza dough Alissa made for us.
A week later, Alissa & I were in Texas, visiting Moose & Papa...

'So then I says to her, I says...'
Looks like he's
telling a joke!
7 January 2014

Heading home a little early... back to school, Mike!!
The Fabulous
Willcox Family departs
7 January 2014

Another shot at pizza-making
Meanwhile back in
old Cheyenne...
8 January 2014

Shhh. Papa's reading...
Papa reading his
Houston Chronicle
16 January 2014

Yep. Politics still suck!
Ready to discuss
the news of the day
16 January 2014

I love the winter months behind the Pine Curtain in East Texas.
There's a magical fog in the mornings, and the climate is pleasant... & the palmetto bugs are gone.

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall??
Grammy & Moose,
in conversation
16 January 2014

Yep. Definitely a Facebook portrait!
Grumpy & Grammy,
in Crosby, Texas
18 January 2014

Even better...
Okay, we funny.
Crosby, Texas
18 January 2014

Gum Gully wetlands
On the trail,
Gum Gully, Crosby
19 January 2014

Just think: in 5 years, the bugs will eat this walkway.
Walkway on the
Gum Gully trail
19 January 2014

Papa had to visit the medic for a bit while we were in Texas.
In the meantime, Alissa & I explored the old neighborhood's wetlands walkway.

I used to hike in the mud in these parts back in the early 1980's
Gum Gully,
all dressed up
19 January 2014

Now looking dignified & suburbanized
30 years ago,
it was wilder.
19 January 2014

Ain't they erudite?
Grumpy & Grammy
take a hike...
19 January 2014

Stay wild, Wyoming!
Gum Gully
19 January 2014

YEAH, baby!
Grammy modeling
the fancy walkway
19 January 2014

We visited the famous drummer, Barnet Levinson, one evening
in the big city of Houston. I was enamoured & in awe, as you can see here...

Almost kinda resembles a snake (right, Honey??)
Serpentine path
to Section Ten
19 January 2014

There he goes...
Silly Old Fart
on the slow run
19 January 2014

Downtown Houston
With the infamous
Barnet Levinson
19 January 2014

It's suppertime
Moose & Grammy
await the mens
20 January 2014

It's still suppertime
"Where the heck
are those guys?"
20 January 2014

A feast fit for a king...
The gang
& a grand feast
20 January 2014

Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy.
It is definitely
suppertime. Eat!
20 January 2014

My maraca!
Bentley & maraca
& kitchen floor
29 January 2014

Smack it good!
Smack smack.
29 January 2014

29 January 2014

When we returned from Texas, there was a very important
baby shower in the offing for Brittany. We were also babysitting our
grandson at the time, so we had a bonus for the occasion. Score!

Almost party time...
Gonna be a
baby shower...
29 January 2014

Playing on the kitchen floor...
Grammy & Bentley
in the kitchen
29 January 2014

Your lead, my dear...
Impromtu salsa
before the party
29 January 2014

Welcome, Matthew!
It's the wall
above the table
29 January 2014

Critters in the house
Critter prints
on the table
29 January 2014

MMM. Coconut...
Goodies in
close detail
29 January 2014

Okay. Favorite Uncle syndrome...
Taylor & Bentley
bonding up
29 January 2014

Pokey pokey
Think you have
a pokey fing...
29 January 2014

Ride 'im, cowboy!
More 'Favorite
Uncle' syndrome
29 January 2014

Morphine. Chocolate.
It's all the same
29 January 2014

Nothing like it...
Cheese. Crackers.
Nuts. That's all.
29 January 2014

They go together, right?
Tomatoes. Skewers.
Of course!
29 January 2014

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