From the Grandparents:

The Toy Box

24 December, 2013

I had this kind of crazy idea for a Christmas gift for our first grandchild... a toy box.
Always wanted to be a furniture maker, but never acquired the skills to do it. Not a problem.
I know a guy who knows how to bend, shape & put together stuff: Bentley's other granddad, Alan.
"Aldo" has mad skills for all things mechanical & static. I knew I could blather about a basic concept,
and he could make it so. I came to him with ideas & raw materials, and we started working on the idea.

I thought it was finished, except for a coat of varnish. Nope...
The result of
the first night...
10 December 2013

The presentation: stained & finished by the grandmothers & Aldo
Presentation Day:
Ye Olde Toy Box
24 December 2013

Wiping it down, getting the sawdust off...
Actual size:
Alissa modeling...
24 December 2013

Aldo & I finished the alder box on the first long night of work, atleast I thought. When Grammy & Nana beheld the
work of art, they wanted to stain it and label it. I so put this out of my mind that I missed the detailing session completely,
leaving Aldo at the mercy of the two gramma's. He is a good man. We presented the toy box to Bentley on Christmas Eve.

Aldo & I are stepdads, but OMG, sometimes, I swear, there is a family resemblance... like right here...
That's right, lad.
Merry Christmas.
24 December 2013

It's like the top of a mountain, sometimes... Christmas...
Okay. Uh. Should we
break out the cake, eh??
24 December 2013

Amos is pretty excited, can't you tell...
First toys for the
First Toy Box!
24 December 2013

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