Ben & Alissa

Our 20th Anniversary

18 December, 2013

Alissa & I visited the Brown Palace in Denver on our 20th wedding anniversary.
She loves this old hotel. It's been visited by many a notable person over the decades. Every American President since Teddy Roosevelt
(with the exception of the austere Calvin Coolidge) has spent at least one night at the old Brown Palace.

You're in the picture! RUN!!!
Alissa tries to exit
the photograph frame
18 December 2013

Stately Brown Palace...
The room we rented
sans persons
18 December 2013

Yep. Itsa selfie.
Ready for a
fancy supper
18 December 2013

View of the ceiling's stained glass
Looking up from
the uppermost level
19 December 2013

How much do you think this thing weighs?!
Festive Christmas
lighting over the lobby
19 December 2013

Alissa has stayed at the Brown in the past when she attended operas in Denver, and she treated us to a fancy
night at this swanky hotel. We had a four-course supper with a mated glass of wine for each course. A night to remember.

How many hands have slid over this railing?
Detail: wearing on
the terrace handrail
19 December 2013

Top floor of the hotel. Looking up.
Stained glass
sky lighting
19 December 2013

Our hands were added to the autograph
Think of the hands
that've touched this.
19 December 2013

Merry Christmas! Happy Anniversary!
Composite of the
lobby & tower
19 December 2013

Mmm. Sunlight...!
Alissa in the grand
heights of Old Denver
19 December 2013

The following morning, we wandered around the building, taking in the architectural wonders.
There's a wealth of history here, and I was only able to dabble in it myself. The neighborhood has
an auspicious reputation: take, for instance, the former-brothel-turned-Western-museum Navarre Building.
Built in 1880 or 1889 (depending on your sources), it attracts not only normal people, but also freaky people.

You could actually smell Christmas in the lobby!
Poinsettas & tinsel:
The Palace at Christmas
19 December 2013

It looks busy. Because it is.
The lobby from the
the second terrace
19 December 2013

Just kidding... hope you get alternate text!
How many lights?
Win the prize!
19 December 2013

The faces belong to the children of the painter's friends...
Cherubs in one of
the many banquet rooms
19 December 2013

Uhhh... where IS our room?!
One of the terrace
archways, 2nd level
19 December 2013

Besides the Brown's historic architecture, I was impressed by the church building down the street.
What impressed me most is that it is not (yet?) a brewery. It gives me hope for the future.
Here is a page about Trinity United Methodist Church, just past the old brothel...

W-where am I? Oh, yeah...
Main desk, lobby
and timepiece
19 December 2013

The Navarre was built in 1889
Former brothel, now
a Western museum
19 December 2013

The restoration is ongoing...
The Brown Palace
opened in 1892
19 December 2013

This church was completed in 1888. Not yet a brewery! Hooray!
Trinity United
Methodist Church
19 December 2013

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Our first twenty years together was finished, and it was time
to begin on our next twenty years... and hoping for more than twenty!

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