January, 2014

Pictures from December, 2013

The month of December was a fitting wind-up
for Anno Domini 2013. We had a great time with our
family & friends. Near & far, all so dear to us.

'Taa-daahhh,' she sang...
A Christmas stocking
for Bentley Willcox
2 December 2013

It's a family tradition...
Karen & Kara
making Rolo-pretzels
7 December 2013

Almost 6 months old!
Cuttin' teeth: Alissa
gets the easiest job
7 December 2013

Kara & Bentley
Time out for lunch:
Cereal & formula... yum!
7 December 2013

Pliers, hammer, fist... whatever it takes!
Jenna & Alissa
bust out hardtack
7 December 2013

Alissa, Kara, Jenna & Karen (Great Gramma)
gathered for a marathon candy-making session.
The weather didn't disappoint, and our seasonal
snowfall continued without a break. Loved it!

View of the back porch
Yep. Gonna be a
White Christmas
8 December 2013

It was COLD!
Rime ice on
the cottonwood
8 December 2013

Good time to shoot him...
Jackrabbit huddles
amongst the trees
8 December 2013

Cell phone photo from Kara
Great time for a
baby photograph
8 December 2013

We got a lot of use out of this...
Heritage elf suit.
Next generation!
10 December 2013

Aldo & I constructed a toy box for Bentley.
Fact is, Aldo did most of the woodwork!
Alissa & Rene did the staining.

Clear pine, no knots...
The Willcox toybox,
prior to staining
10 December 2013

I am the shoveler. It's what I do.
Mike's & Kara's,
after the shoveling
11 December 2013

Grammy loves Bentley.
Does it show?
12 December 2013

Mom & baby son
in from the cold
14 December 2013

A separate window will open
20th Anniversary,
at Brown Palace
18 December 2013

Alissa & I celebrated twenty years of marriage on the 18th.
We visited Denver's Brown Palace that evening. Extravagance!
Our Christmas celebration was a bit early due to work commitments.

A separate window will open
Christmas Supper
a little bit early,
20 December 2013

Selfie on the lift...
Taylor & Mike
at Loveland Pass
23 December 2013

The bow on the box...
From all of your
grandparents, to you...
24 December 2013

Merry Christmas, Everybody!
Christmas Morning
at the Willcox home
25 December 2013

Daddy's helpin' out...
Sliding into
the New Year...
25 December 2013

First Christmas away from the Family
Christmas in Mesa:
Eli on his own
25 December 2013

The historic Santa suit!
A cap, a smile,
it's all you need
25 December 2013

Something Grumpy
taught me to do...
28 December 2013

Mind the shoulder, Sport!
Bentley & Daddy
learning to bike
29 December 2013

There's no place like home!
Home is where
the heart is!
30 December 2013

Mmm. You might wanna wait...
Walking lessons...
Kara teaching...
31 December 2013

My Doggy!
Bentley & Edgar
making contact
31 December 2013

Yeah. My dog!
This is my dog.
This is my boy.
31 December 2013

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